What Makes Santoni’s Uniqua Shoe So Unique?

November 2019Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

All images courtesy of Santoni

What makes a good shoe? Finely honed craftsmanship helps, of course, as does experience, quality materials and a certain measure of style nous. But never mind a good shoe; what about a truly great one? To understand that, a visit to the Santoni headquarters in Italy is required.

The quaint Corridonia province, a mile off the coast south of Ancona in eastern Italy, is perhaps a little at odds with the sharp and glassy Santoni headquarters. Nonetheless, it’s where the brand’s discerning fusion of the contemporary and the traditional can be most keenly felt. The place itself looks like something between a laboratory and a wellness retreat, all glossy white surfaces and natural light with ivy climbing the interior walls, and a great silver globe hanging in the lobby above pedestals proffering the brand’s shoes and sneakers.

The Uniqua shoe is crafted from one piece of leather