What’s New: Artistically Minded Skatewear From Iggy

November 2019Words by The Daily Team

Is artist, photographer and now fashion designer Mr Jack Greer’s skatewear label Iggy perhaps named after indestructible Stooges frontman Mr Iggy Pop? Or maybe a nod to Australian rapper and prolific Twitter user Ms Iggy Azalea? Neither, as it happens – it’s so called in homage to Mr Greer’s dog, an Alaskan Klee Kai. Which begs the question: who is the dog named after?

In truth, we forgot to ask. But perhaps the more pertinent question is: is Iggy even a skatewear label at all? It’s certainly not a streetwear label, or, at least, streetwear is a term the creator has previously voiced his concern over. “I have no antagonistic relationship with streetwear or any wear for that matter,” Mr Greer tells us. “I am merely trying to say I don’t want to be boxed in by any category that narrows the potential reach of the brand. The progressive understanding of identity, gender and culture is further along than our terminology used to describe the relationship between who we are and what we wear.”

Delve deeper, and it’s clear that the variegated T-shirts, sweaters, shirts and accessories that comprise the collection contain many such contradictions themselves. A prominent theme is of a form of bondage, with medieval face mask complete with eye-gouging vices featuring across several pieces; at the opposite end of the spectrum, somewhere over the semicircle of refracted light, sits a cheery rainbow checkerboard sweater (shown below). So, how does the designer hold such wildly differing concepts together in his mind, let alone in one collection? “In order to keep my feet walking down the street, I have to look inside the gutter and up at the stars,” he says.