Why A Gucci Watch Will Always Make Us Tick

December 2019Words by The Daily Team

A fashion house might very well be able to build a legacy, but what happens next? Enduring a reputation over many years is no mean feat, especially in such a fickle industry, and many have fallen into obscurity over the years. Those that manage to stick around, though, usually do so by adapting. In Gucci’s case, it’s all about a fine balance of anachronism.

This is because Gucci excels in making the classic feel contemporary; mixing a little old world glamour (lots of gold and jacquard and 1970s style tailoring) with something altogether more modern – see the iridescent sportswear, for instance, or the brand’s eminently popular and recognisable loafers. You only have to look through any of the brand’s most recent runway shows to see looks that will no doubt endure for decades in the memory. From its chunky sneakers to its monogrammed suits and streetwear, Gucci doesn’t do design for wallflowers; what you’ll find here is made to stand out.