A Classic Collection From Anderson & Sheppard + Camoshita

Just NowWords by Mr Ashley Clarke

What makes a classic piece of clothing? The obvious answer is that it is timeless and reliable – in other words, a garment that you can buy now and continue to wear for at least the next decade. But what about when the parameters for “classic” clothes changes?

“The classic has become conservative over time, and I think that’s boring,” says Mr Yasuto Kamoshita, the founder and designer of Camoshita. “In the past, Oscar Wilde, for example, had an impact on banal menswear with innovative attire. The same is true for Edward VIII. In order to avoid my favourite classics going obsolete, I always want to incorporate a new sense and create a style that fits the times.”

In an increasingly global world, a style that fits the times is perhaps a hard thing to pin down, but it’s something that Mr Kamoshita does particularly well. In his most recent venture, the Japanese designer has teamed up with Savile Row tailors Anderson & Sheppard to create a capsule collection that takes that idea of classic clothing and distils it into something a little more now. In practice, this means ribbed rollneck sweaters knitted in Ireland, rakish cashmere scarves in subtle patterns and even a selection of woollen blankets.