A Few Last-Minute Shopping Tips

December 2016Words by The Daily Team

Illustration by Mr Simone Massoni

There are those among us that have all their festive bits and pieces wrapped up by late November, ensuring a completely stress-free advent in which they can sup mulled wine and curate Christmas playlists in peace, without having to spare a single thought as to what to get, and for whom. Obviously, this article is not for those people. No, this is for the people that have put it off and put it off, and wantonly partied and drank their merry way through December, and continually pushed that niggling feeling of gifting obligation to the back of their minds. Those people will be well aware that it’s getting pretty late now, and there is not much time left. But they needn’t have a complete meltdown – there is actually a range of rather nice who-wouldn’t-like-that type gifts on MR PORTER that make particularly good last-minute purchases if you’ve veered off-schedule this festive season. Scroll down to discover a few of our favourites, presented in as non-judgemental a manner as possible.


Mister Marvelous Eau de Parfum - Neroli, Green Lavender, 50ml