An Expert Explains The Romantic Appeal Of Oysters (And How To Eat Them)

4 days agoWords by Mr Simon Lamont

Oysters at Seabird Restaurant at The Hoxton Hotel. Photograph courtesy of Seabird

Whatever you think about oysters’ dubiously magical aphrodisiac qualities, which are still unfounded, they definitely qualify for the adult aisle. “Let’s do oysters” is a blunt invitation. Three words used to separate the wheat from chaff. Packed full of zinc and eaten alive, oysters are as delicious as they are decisive – perfect first-date fare.

Rare and exotic beauties tightly clasped between two shells and one hinge. Freshly shucked to reveal their mysterious, naked flesh. A taste sensation akin to diving straight into a wave and blasting your palate with the spindrift and filling your head with a gush of sea spray.

It’s not advisable to make a meal of oysters. A belly full of them is unappealing and potentially disastrous. Go halves on a dozen as an amuse bouche or an afternoon snack. Paired with some delicious grown-up beverages, you’ll soon both start to feel a tingle.