Emo Is Officially Back. Here’s How To Dress For It

1 week agoWords by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

Mr Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance performs at the MTV Music Awards, New York, 2006. Photograph by Mr Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Welcome to the Black Parade, again. If you were under the impression your eyeliner-wearing days were dead and buried, guess again. Six years after we bid them so long and goodnight, and 15 after the debut of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, the angsty soundtrack to our teenage years, we awoke on Halloween (how fitting?) to the news that My Chemical Romance, the reigning emo band of the 2000s, had announced their long-awaited reunion. Suffice to say, we were not okay. Millennials everywhere were startled out of their anxiety-stricken adulthoods and sent hurtling back to their, well, anxiety-stricken teenage years.

Technically, the band has only confirmed a single reunion show in LA (which sold out in minutes, much to the dismay of a small but vocal faction of MR PORTER’s London team members), but an album can’t be far off if, er, Disney pop sensation turned prophet of our times Mr Joe Jonas, is to be believed. Back in June this year, the “Year 3000” thief revealed he’d recently been rehearsing next door to Messrs Gerard Way and Frank Iero et al, thus foreshadowing the release of a follow up to Danger Days.

Which means it’s time to dust off your skinny jeans and come out of mourning. As is the case with most subcultures, emo’s sartorial principles were a way of expressing your inner self, outwardly. Thus, if your hoodie was black, so too was your soul and heart. If you spent the better part of your tortured adolescence listening to Hawthorne Heights’ “Ohio is For Lovers” on repeat while updating your MySpace and DeviantArt pages, it’s likely you’re familiar with the rudimentary style tenets, but a refresher can’t hurt. Here’s everything you need to prepare for the Return.