Five Classic Cocktails Due A Revival

January 2017Words by Mr Shane C Kurup

The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy. Photograph courtesy of The Savoy

If you’re one of those brave, puritanical souls who decided to partake in the foolhardy ritual of Dry January, then congratulations – the end is in sight. But before you rush out to restore your blood alcohol levels, perhaps we can convince you to take a fresh approach to your drinking regimen.

Today’s cocktailing scene is saturated with establishments pushing ever more “novel” concepts to lure in thirsty punters, with tea-cup, jam-jar, smoke-infused, dry-ice concoctions two a penny. But are these gimmicky notions actually conducive to a good drinking experience? If you’re spending more time reading the menu than consuming cocktails, then you have a drinking problem of a different kind.

With this, and a very wet February in mind, we thought we would get back to basics with our liquor when ordering and making drinks. So, here’s our roundup of five classic cocktails that deserve a second spell in the mixology spotlight, along with the best bars to drink them in.