Five Independent Magazines Every Man Should Read

March 2018Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Dopamine-spiking imagery and 10-second clips of dogs. Our brains are becoming worryingly reliant on quick hits of information designed to instantly satisfy rather than nourish. So, anything that takes our reading offline for a while, and does so in an unpredictable and engaging manner, should be celebrated. Which brings us happily to Stack, a magazine service that MR PORTER has long admired. The concept is simple. You sign up and pay a subscription, then you get an independent magazine, chosen by Stack founder Mr Steven Watson, delivered to your door every month. A real one. That you can hold, flick through and smell. Quite the novelty.

Mr Watson has been sending out magazines on a wide array of topics since December 2008. In the interests of brevity, we asked him to whittle them down to five he would especially recommend. See what he has to say on his selections, below, and subscribe to Stack for more publications, here.