How To Look Good On The Dance Floor

November 2016Words by Mr Alfred Tong

Mr Fred Astaire in Easter Parade, 1947. Photograph by LFI/Photoshot

According to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Mr Fred Astaire tested his Anderson & Sheppard suits by performing dance steps in front of a full-length mirror. The museum, which has one of Mr Astaire’s tailcoats in its permanent collection, states in the accompanying notes that, “He wanted to make sure the suit would stay perfectly in line with his body as he danced, so there were a series of seams sewn into the jacket to ensure this flexibility.”

Whether you aspire to Mr Astaire’s dancing steps (you probably shouldn’t bother), or are merely hoping to escape from your seedy office disco with your dignity relatively intact, the right choice of clothing can make all the difference when it comes to the festive free-for-all that is party season, and the concomitant and inevitable shaking of your money-maker. In fact, opting for pieces that offer high style, comfort and freedom of movement is the best way to ensure that you look as good on the dance floor as off it. Scroll down for some key tips on how to do it right.

Pick a dark jacket and light shirt