How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 2016Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

Illustration by Mr Giacamo Bagnara

New year, new you. At best it’s triggered by a Tigger-like start-of-term exuberance to begin on the “b” of bang. At worst it’s fuelled entirely by fear and self-loathing, having drunk, eaten and spent rather more than you should for the whole of December.

The quickest way to ascertain someone’s sense of self-worth is to ask them what their New Year’s resolutions are. You’re essentially inviting them to list their personal failings. By and large, resolutions are about quitting things, removing bad habits. “I must give up stalking my ex on social media” or “I must stop trolling MailOnline commenters” or “I must stop shovelling pie into my face”.

The chimes of the New Year are an alarm bell that reminds you to check your personal compass and look at the direction in which you’re heading. Harnessed appropriately, our natural human impulse for self-improvement is constructive. It’s a fine line though: if it’s allowed to get out of control, if we lose perspective and get too obsessively fixated on any one thing, it becomes destructive.