Introducing The New Grenoble Collection From Moncler Genius

1 week agoWords by Mr Ashley Clarke

To say that Moncler Genius is reinventing the way we think about skiwear is no overstatement. Both high fashion and skiing, it’s fair to say, are regarded as privileged pursuits, and Moncler Genius has managed to carve a spot for itself at the nexus of both worlds. It has achieved this by drafting in the creative nous of seminal designers such as Mr Craig Green, Ms Simone Rocha and Mr Hiroshi Fujiwara (there are currently eight factions of the brand each using a different designer). It would seem that one of the brand’s goals over recent years has been to upend preconceptions we may have about the often blank mundanity of luxury skiwear, and energise it with something altogether more stylish and fascinating.

The third of the Genius stable’s offering, known as 3 Moncler Grenoble, is created by Moncler Grenoble’s own designer Mr Sandro Mandrino, a man noted for his commitment to innovative materials and putting functionality at the top of his list of priorities. (You can no doubt see this in the water-repellent shell jacket that is panelled with suede – brilliantly insulating and hardwearing, and exclusive to MR PORTER).

Still, that’s not to say that Mr Mandrino is not open to having some fun with his designs – these aren’t clothes you’ll want to confine to the mountains. The tassels on the aforementioned ski jacket, as well as on the black shell and leather-trimmed gloves, are a cheery testament to this.