The Most Stylish Places To Eat In Paris

January 2017Words by The Daily Team

The Loulou terrace. Photograph by Mr Adrien Dirand, courtesy of Loulou

Since the 19th century (and, depending on who you ask, long before), Paris has been widely considered the Western world’s hub of cooking as an art form. It was here, in the early 20th century, that Mr Auguste Escoffier codified the traditional culinary traditions of his nation to invent the modern concept of haute cuisine. Today, it is the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe (and the third most in the world, behind Kyoto and Tokyo). But beyond that, Paris is a city where food – from the everyday to the exceptional – is taken incredibly seriously. In short, when it comes to eating out, the bar in Paris is set very high. Having said that, with such a wealth of options to choose from, booking a table for dinner can sometimes be overwhelming. Also, though standards are generally good, it’s easy to pay over the odds for pretty average fair in the more touristy areas. So, where should you go? As the MR PORTER team prepare to head over to the French capital for the final leg of the European AW17 menswear shows, we thought we’d refresh ourselves on some of the city’s most stylish eateries, via recommendations from the Style Council. And, while we’re doing that, it would be a little churlish to not share the same with you, non?