Three Ways To Wear White Socks

September 2017Words by The Daily Team

A quick internet search on the topic of men wearing white socks illustrates why it remains relatively contentious and unchartered territory in 2017. On the first page of Google there is an article from 2004 – practically the Dark Ages in web history – by the BBC who wonder whether they are in bad taste. Another, from 2009, by AskMen, tells us the reasons why they must not be worn under any circumstances. Only a few links published this year discuss how we might enjoy a healthy relationship with these things. So, some of us are still catching up to this trend – which, whether influenced by slider-wearing hipsters, streetwear fanatics, or penny loafer-loving men inspired by 1950s Ivy Leaguers – is slowly creeping back into our wardrobes after a little while in the wilderness. Below, we look at three ways to wear white socks without looking like a middle-aged American tourist.