Can’t Wait For This Exclusive Zenith X Bamford Watch?

October 2018Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

Something is happening in the watch world. The storied Swiss tradition is undergoing a quiet revolution, of sorts. Of course, an industry that’s been around for some half millennia, give or take, isn’t going to abandon its principles overnight. Precision is still paramount, as is artistry, expertise and craftsmanship, but it seems watchmakers are really reaching for the horological equivalent of the stars these days. Can you blame us for wanting to get in on the action?

To that end, we’ve recruited two key players leading the charge – Zenith, the Swiss watchmaker with nearly 150 years of experience, and Mr George Bamford, of customisation specialist Bamford Watch Department – to come up with something special, just for us: The Chronomaster El Primero Solar Blue is a watch that feels familiar, yet altogether brand new.

“The team at Zenith have blown me away,” explains Mr Bamford of the project. “The way in which the design nods to the past makes it truly special.” Based on the Heritage 146, the 38mm steel model harks back to iconic timepieces from yesteryear: the tachymeter track, for example, is inspired by the El Primero from 1971, while subtle but sporty red accents nod to the company’s 1950 chronograph. But it’s the brilliant “Solar Blue” dial that brings this model hurtling back into the present. The unique sunrise effect is the product of endless discussion and development but, we hope you’ll agree, it was well worth it.