What Every Man Should Be Drinking This Summer

June 2017Words by Mr Ben Olsen

Virtuous Vodka Raspberry Spritz. Photograph courtesy of Scotch+Limon

Remember life pre-Aperol Spritz? The bittersweet aperitivo drink has become so ubiquitous across the globe that it’s hard to think of life without it. But, though we’d like to think that we always had the common sense to drink it, it’s simply not true. The reality is the world of drinks has its trends, just like everything else, and we’re very much prey to them.

So, what can we expect to be imbibing this summer? Step forward the experts at Scotch+Limon. Messrs Barrie Wilson and Fabrice Limon launched their drinks consultancy business in 2015 and are at the cutting edge of all that’s current in the world of cocktails. According the them, our tastes are now increasingly discerning. “People see what they drink as a lifestyle choice,” says Mr Wilson. “Gone are the days of the Sex And The City cocktail – people like far more robust drinks now. We want our drinks to taste better than they look, so no more cocktails served out of a welly boot.”

With that in mind, the duo outline three trends we should all raise our glasses to this summer.