What To Look For In A Suit

March 2017Words by Mr Shane C Kurup

The modern suit is often associated with prosperity, but, ironically, its origins are rooted in a marked lack of capital. In 17th-century England, a costly war with the Dutch led King Charles II to tighten the purse strings and impose regulations on ostentatious displays of wealth. The sovereign encouraged his courtiers to wear matching jackets, waistcoats and breeches made from dark, understated fabrics, instead of the plush, brightly coloured garments that had been de rigueur previously. Although you probably won’t need to decide between a gold-trimmed brocade and a classic pinstripe number for work, choosing a good suit in today’s vast, ever expanding offering can be a bewildering affair, particularly if you’re not so familiar with your super grades or buggy linings (or even know what they are). So, if you’re keen to take your tailoring up a notch, but aren’t quite sure where to start, do read on.