What Your Email Address Says About You

August 2016Words by Mr Ben Machell

Photograph by SSPL/Getty Images

We live – and you may have noticed this – in hyper-connected times. A direct result of this is that we are constantly projecting countless different versions of ourselves depending on which particular apps and social networks we’ve chosen to sign-up to. So there is funny you (Snapchat). There is professional you (LinkedIn). There’s flirty you (Tinder), photographer you (Instagram), philosopher you (Facebook), competitive you (Pokémon Go), calorie-burning you (Fitbit), argumentative you (Twitter)… a genuine kaleidoscope of identities, none of which tells us very much about who you really are.

But there is one constant that can always be counted on to reveal your true essence. That’s right: your email address. It’s what tethers you to the modern world and is, as a result, nothing less than a window into your soul. So what does your email address really say? Well, allow us to tell you.