What’s New: Geek Out With Mr Raf Simons

1 week agoWords by Mr Jim Merrett

A stab in the dark here, but your main take home from Mr David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, the director’s 1986 delve behind the immaculate lawns, white picket fences and twitching net curtains of middle-American suburbia, was probably not the lyrics to Mr Bobby Vinton’s song, which lends the film its name. Sure, she – whomever she is – may have worn blue velvet, and “bluer than velvet were her eyes”, but it’s more likely you’re still thinking about the severed ear. Or Frank Booth’s gas mask.

Nevertheless, you can now make like the focus of Mr Vinton’s admiration and wear blue velvet, or rather Blue Velvet the film, thanks to Mr Raf Simons. The Belgian designer is known for peppering his work with more cultural references than the average episode of Spaced. Previous dalliances include repeated dips into the back catalogues of Joy Division and New Order, as well as Mr Stanley Kubrick’s formidable body of work. This season, alongside Mr Lynch’s neo-noir masterpiece, Mr Simons taps into the output of Talking Heads. If we had to plot a map of what comes next, our money is on The Fall and Mr David Cronenberg’s Scanners for SS21. (What we wouldn’t give for a backpack or varsity jacket featuring an exploding head.)

But enough of the speculation; this item is here in front of us and finds the pop-culture geek on fine form. Because, yes that’s Ms Laura Dern and Mr Kyle MacLachlan printed onto the faux leather patches, but as much of a statement is the length of this oversized mélange virgin wool sweater, which is ideal for updating any wardrobe.