What’s New: The Universal (And Astrological) Appeal Of Aries

2 weeks agoWords by Mr Jim Merrett

Here at MR PORTER, we’ve salways taken our horoscopes with a pinch of salt. No, we’re too resolute, too analytical and independently minded to put all of our faith in such whimsy. Sure, we’re all about the bigger picture, but the alignment of wider universe at the time of our birth dictating our lives sounds like a load of old guff to us. But then, that’s Aquarians for you.

There might be something in it, though. At least, that’s what we gather from Aries, the streetwear label, which launched its menswear line on MR PORTER last year. It must be nominative determinism that sees this fiery brand bristling with creative energy sharing a compellation with the constellation known for similar traits. Of course, it could just be that its founder, Ms Sofia Prantera, worked in reverse to find a moniker that best suited her ideas, which draw on both the 1980s and – again, in keeping with the appellation – ancient Greece (see the label’s trademark columns logo). But we’d like to think that the cosmos had a say in it, too.

The first astrological sign of the zodiac makes Aries that rare and subversive thing: a sheep that others (not sheep) follow. The brand, likewise, steps out where the timid fear to tread. Not merely bright colours, but the tie-dye trend that’s made headway in menswear over recent seasons – you partially have it to thank for that.