Why Aztech Mountain Skiwear Can Be Worn Anywhere

November 2019Words by The Daily team

It has never been easier to dress for the elements than it is right now. Thanks to innovations in fabrics (windproof cork fibres, anyone?), plus a glut of brands catering to those who favour alpine environments, the choice for clothes to take across the slopes and beyond is great and varied. Innovation is all well and good, of course, but for brands that want to stand head and shoulders above the competition, factors such as endurability and looks also come into play. For a brand that does all of that particularly well, look to Aztech Mountain.

Founded in 2013 by Messrs David Roth and Anthony Rutgers, who both grew up between New York and Aspen (of course they did), Aztech Mountain achieves the holy grail of design that many performance sportswear brands aim for but never quite reach: to make clothes that look as good off the slopes as they do on them. In some cases, they look even better.

This is unusual in part because the rules of fashion generally dictate that when something is engineered with practicality in mind, it is not supposed to be stylish. So, when clothing is intended to be worn for slaloming down a mountain rather than, say, slaloming your way through a night on the tiles, the qualities that make a garment visually appealing will usually be low on the priority list. With Aztech Mountain, it’s hard to tell where it draws the line on that priority, not because its collections put form over function, but because they span both worlds seamlessly. Here are a few reasons why.