Why Now Is The Right Moment For A Timeless Vacheron Constantin Watch

5 days agoWords by Mr Alex Doak

New Year, new you! New resolutions, new diet, new list of guilt before January’s even in full swing… As if we’re not already bombarded enough with newness, the turn of the year just rubs it in with even more anxiety-inducing FOMO.

Well, for those already in the market for something serious in the watch department, we’re here to administer your horological antidote. A restorative dose of “old” in every sense. Ancient almost, when you remember that Vacheron Constantin is Switzerland’s longest-running watchmaker, in constant production for a solid 265 years. That’s weathering French as well as Russian revolutions, Napoleonic wars, two world wars, several financial crashes and great depressions. Even Switzerland’s very own crash during the 1970s, when quartz technology nearly wiped out Vacheron Constantin’s own breed of exquisite hand-craftsmanship.

Against the backdrop of all that history, Geneva’s favourite son has not only survived, but done so with a particularly Latin panache, in contrast to the more classical reserve exacted by its contemporaries up in the valleys of the Jura. It’s taken the odd diversification into textiles, cherry brandy, plus the then unheard-of adoption of industrial mechanisation in 1839, but Vacheron Constantin has never lost its aesthetic spark – no more than its mechanical ingenuity.