A Few New Pieces To Brighten Up Your Gloomy January

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A Few New Pieces To Brighten Up Your Gloomy January

Words by The Daily Team

13 January 2017

Cheer yourself up this winter with a jolly jacket, fun shirt or striking tee.

A quick show of hands: whose favourite month of the year is January? What, no one? Could it be something to do with the weather, perhaps? Or the fact that, after having a rather “jolly” and “merry” time of it for New Year, you’re now forced to face up to the fact that, yes, you still have to work, every day, and no, despite your best resolutions, all your problems and frustrations haven’t magically solved themselves. Or is it just because you haven’t purchased enough colourful clothing? We at MR PORTER are in no position to solve this particular conundrum of course, but if you do find yourself leaning towards the lattermost suggestion, we can certainly help. In fact, the new season collections currently hitting the site are full of the eye-catching kind of statement pieces that seem purpose-built to put a spring in one’s step in gloomy atmospheric (and emotional) conditions. Scroll down to discover a few of our favourites from today’s selection.

In Mr Olivier Rousteing’s SS17 menswear show for Parisian bling masters Balmain, this graphic, striped, oversized bomber jacket was worn with a matching knit T-shirt and pair of cuffed track pants. Quite the look. But you don’t need to go the whole hog: it will also work nicely as a colourful addition to a more everyday weekend outfit. Throw it on over a grey T-shirt and pair of washed jeans for a fun, vintage style, and enjoy the feeling of standing out from the crowd.

Mr Dries Van Noten never fails to deliver in the print department, and his SS17 collection is no exception, inspired as it is by the textiles of the arts and crafts movement, as well as the lush floral designs of the 1960s and 1970s. In this shirt, this results in a warmly psychedelic effect that reminds the art experts at MR PORTER a little bit of the Dutch painter Mr Hieronymus Bosch. You don’t need a certificate from The Courtauld to wear it, though – the best way to carry off such a beguiling print is to pair it with something plain, such as these neatly tapered navy trousers from Lanvin.

As we at MR PORTER discovered when we filmed our “24 Hours With… Missoni” video for The Journal last year, colour is the starting point of every Missoni collection. In fact, the Italian brand dyes all its own yarns in its facilities in Sumirago before weaving and knitting them into the textile swatches that will, eventually, be turned into clothing for the final collection. What this means is that every season, the colours and patterns in each garment are subtly different. What’s more, thanks to Missoni’s practice of space-dyeing its yarns, each individual garment will also have a slightly different pattern. Need we say any more to convince you to pick up this superlative T-shirt, predominantly a blue-green tone, but in reality featuring most of the colours of the rainbow? Wear it with this zip-up sweater from fellow Italian brand Isaia and add another subtle gradation of texture to your outfit.

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