A Nod To The Cowboy

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A Nod To The Cowboy

Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

3 June 2015

From left: Messrs Clark Gable, Eli Wallach and Montgomery Clift in the Nevada desert during the filming of Mr John Huston’s The Misfits, 1961 Ernst Haas/ Getty Images

Mr Elvis Presley

Mr Presley on location in Love Me Tender, directed by Mr Robert Webb, 1956 Corbis

Mr Dennis Hopper

Mr Hopper directing The Last Movie in Peru, 1971 Collection/ Rex Features

Mr Rock Hudson

Mr Hudson in a still from Giant, 1956 Silver Screen Collection/ Getty Images

Mr Montgomery Clift

Mr Clift on the set of The Misfits, 1961 Dennis Stock/ Magnum Photos

Mr Paul Newman

Mr Newman on the set of Cool Hand Luke, 1967 Gene Lesser/ Globe Photos

Mr Keith Richards

Mr Richards at Villa Nellcôte, France, 1971, while the Stones were recording Exile on Main St Dominique Tarlé/ La Galerie de l'Instant

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