And The Award For Best Oscar-Night Tuxedo Goes To…

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And The Award For Best Oscar-Night Tuxedo Goes To…

2 March 2017

We celebrate exceptional achievement in the field of red-carpet dressing.

The 89th annual Academy Awards ended in high farce this Sunday, as Hollywood legends Mr Warren Beatty and Ms Faye Dunaway took to the stage to announce the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture – while clutching the wrong envelope. Cue much confusion as the cast and crew of La La Land came forward to receive their statuette, only to be told halfway through their acceptance speeches that they hadn’t won it at all, and that it had, in fact, been awarded to Moonlight.

“Envelopegate” became the defining moment of the ceremony, and is sure go down as one of the worst live TV blunders of all time. But what of the rest of the evening? It seems a crying shame to allow one solitary incident to overshadow an entire event, especially when there was so much to report elsewhere – not least from the red carpet. As you’re about to discover, this was a sideshow worthy of an awards ceremony all of its own.

Photograph by Ms Lisa O'Connor/Photoshot

And the award goes to… Mr Dev Patel

Up for Best Supporting Actor for his breathtaking performance in Lion, Mr Dev Patel did what any self-respecting first-time Oscar nominee should: he brought his mother along as his plus one. Ms Anita Patel is just out of shot in this picture, so we don’t get the chance to take in the stunning gold and black sari with which she tried to upstage her son. What he brought, was old-school Hollywood glamour in the form of ivory tuxedo jacket that’s more than capable of holding its own in front of the paparazzi horde. Smart, svelte and worn with a winning grin and dishevelled hair. Gentlemen, take note. This is how to make your mother proud.

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Photograph by Mr Michael Buckner/REX Shutterstock

And the award goes to… Mr Damien Chazelle

Mr Damien Chazelle became the youngest person ever to win Best Director on Sunday, prompting many of us in the MR PORTER office to wonder what we were doing (or are likely to be doing) at the age of 32. Still, it was hard to feel any resentment towards this impossibly precocious young man and the remarkable things he has achieved, for the very simple reason that he has done them in such style. And his clothes are just as jazzy as his movies. The deep-blue tuxedo seems to be emerging as the story of this year’s Oscars, and Mr Chazelle provided one of the best examples of the night, pairing his Burberry tux with a white dickie bow, a white pocket square and raffish, D’Artagnan-style facial topiary.

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Photograph by Mr David Fisher/REX Shutterstock

And the award goes to… Mr Viggo Mortensen

The Oscar-nominated star of Captain Fantastic decided to show up to the awards ceremony in character, if his midnight-blue tuxedo from Dior was anything to go by. Mr Mortensen has matured into something of a Hollywood elder statesman over the years, his style doing that thing fine wines tend to do when you leave them around for a bit, and it was no surprise to see him playing up to this role in a three-piece suit. A timeless choice for the red carpet, it nonetheless felt wholly contemporary, its inky hue chiming well with the blue note struck by others at this year’s ceremony.

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Photograph by Mr Mike Nelson/Camera Press

And the award goes to… Mr Riz Ahmed

Ignore Mr Riz Ahmed’s rigid, GI-Joe stance for just a moment and focus your attention instead on the suit he’s wearing – a rhapsody in blue designed by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture. There was an abundance of blue on the red carpet this year, and this was perhaps the prime example, a deep-sea-blue tuxedo with broad satin lapels. During the ceremony, the British star of The Night Of joined his Rogue One co-star Ms Felicity Jones on stage to present the award for Best Visual Effects. How fitting. It was an Oscar that could just have easily been awarded to his suit.

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Photograph by Ms Lisa O'Connor/Photoshot

And the award goes to… Mr Pharrell Williams

In poker, this is what you might call “going all in”. Sure, in the hands of anybody else, this double-breasted Chanel tailcoat might have seemed a bit much – and that’s before the Mr Karl Lagerfeld-inspired jewellery is taken into account. But we’re not talking about “anybody else” here. We’re talking about Mr Pharrell Williams, a man who attended the 2014 Oscars in a shorts suit. If anything, this is one of his more sensible looks, even if it does look like he’s been taking style tips from the final flourishes of the Imperial House of Romanov. As you take in this picture, it might help to repeat in your head the slogan of Mr Williams’ creative collective, i am OTHER: “that which makes you different makes you special”.

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Photograph by Mr George Pimentel/Getty Images

And the award goes to… Mr Ryan Gosling

On paper, it was an evening to forget for Mr Ryan Gosling. Beaten to Best Actor by Mr Casey Affleck, he was then among the cast and crew of La La Land who were mistakenly awarded Best Picture. But hey, at least he was well-dressed. Channelling prom night in the mid-1970s, or current-season Gucci (take your pick), the 36-year-old actor wore a classic Gucci tuxedo with an eye-catching ruffled shirt from Anto Shirt, a Beverly Hills bespoke shirtmaker whose Google search volume will no doubt have increased by about 5,000 per cent in the past four days. Mr Gosling, you’re a winner in our eyes.

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Photograph by Mr Rob Latour/REX Shutterstock

And the award goes to… Mr Mahershala Ali

It was a big week for Mr Mahershala Ali, who became a father last Wednesday and the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar on the following Sunday. The 43-year-old actor, who was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Moonlight, cut a dapper figure at the awards ceremony in an all-black Ermenegildo Zegna Couture tuxedo, shirt and bow tie. A black-and-white pocket square completed the look and kept it from appearing too funereal. However, we’re left mourning the news that he will not appear in the upcoming fifth season of House Of Cards, where he made his name.

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