Seven Investment Bags That Carry Serious Weight

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Seven Investment Bags That Carry Serious Weight

Words by Ms Fedora Abu | Photography by Mr Jack Wilson

22 September 2023

Fashion gluttons that we are at MR PORTER, we’d be lying if we said we struggled to justify the sort of clothing expenditures that would make regular folk wince. However, if we were forced (against our will) to narrow it down to the categories that are truly worth a three-to-four-figure splurge, then there’s no doubt that coats, shoes and bags would form our holy trinity. Here, we’re homing in on that last department – and it’s safe to say that this season brings with it an absolute embarrassment of riches from the likes of Bottega Veneta, LOEWE and all our other favourite accessory-makers. Below, our whittled-down edit of messenger bags, totes, bucket bags, et al that promise maximum cost-per-wear.

By now Bottega Veneta has thought up more iterations of its signature intrecciato weave (supersized, miniaturised, padded) than we ever thought mathematically possible – and we’re not ashamed to admit we fall hard each and every time. Were we obliged to select just one, however, then this crossbody in an earthy and surprisingly universal shade of green would be one we’d migrate from Wish List to basket immediately.

Outfit feeling a tad… stuffy? Lighten up the mood with a touch of canvas, which automatically reads softer and earthier than a grown-up black leather. Our pick is this top-handle tote by CELINE HOMME, which arrives in a tidy-yet-practical dimensions and is adorned with the house’s unmistakeable Triomphe logo to create a graphic patterned effect.

Luxury lies in the details of this LOEWE tote bag. Peep the supple full-grain Italian leather. Peep that subtly embossed anagram logo. The asymmetrical belt feature on the handles. The zipped interior compartment. Need we go on? Consider this an investment so sage that even your financial adviser would write it off.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we’re pretty sure the designers of The Row’s Banana bag are having to keep their swollen egos in check. But while copycats abound, nothing beats the OG, which has been crafted in Italy from first-in-class nylon and boasts acres more space than its outward appearance lets on.

This Jil Sander bucket bag is the opposite of a showboat, more than happy to let the other elements of your outfit soak up all the spotlight. Instead, what it offers you is unbeatable versatility, thanks to the spare silhouette and wear-with-everything hue, plus a hands-free cross-body design that makes it a boon for nights out.

Under-the-radar label BONASTRE is one to add to your favourites if exquisite workmanship is what gets you giddy – each of its ware has been handmade by one of the highly trained artisans in its atelier in Cádiz. But more than that, it offers up concrete proof that a focus on craft needn’t translate to wholegrain or dull design. Consider this contemporary and sculptural Bon Bon messenger bag to be the perfect case in point.

For the man who doesn’t take this whole high-fashion thing too seriously, Lemaire has cooked up a tasty little pastry bag, aptly named the Croissant, that’s already on its way to hall-of-fame status. But don’t let its quirky character detract from the impeccable quality – namely, that it’s engineered from a buttery soft nappa leather that will only get better with age.