Comfortable Dressing Syndrome

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Comfortable Dressing Syndrome

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

13 November 2014

MR PORTER is staving off Seasonal Affective Disorder by embracing an altogether chicer malady. Cashmere at the ready....

The dwindling of the daylight hours has triggered some bizarre behavior here at MR PORTER HQ. Only last week, an intern who normally follows a strict no-carbs diet ate two whole baguettes for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon asleep in the samples cupboard. Rather than issuing an official reprimand, staff viewed the nap attack as a harbinger of Comfortable Dressing Syndrome.

Around this time of year, the prospect of indulging in a little comfort dressing is forgivable. We all have our own ways of getting through the winter while looking chic. The result of canvassing our staff for their “smart-comfortable” techniques will no doubt be of interest to anyone who feels a sudden urge to hibernate – or just eat, sleep and wear cashmere to excess.

“As I tap out these words I am propped up in my hotel bed at the end of a long day, wearing these very pyjamas. Room service has been ordered; an episode of Peaky Blinders is ready to roll. My grandfather used to buy me Derek Rose pyjamas every single Christmas without fail. Twenty-odd years later, I wear a freshly laundered pair to bed every night. The newer Bari style is a perfect fit and, to me at least, the very definition of comfort dressing. Thanks to their magnetic fastening, these pyjamas are respectable to wear when staying at the in-laws, when hosting weekend guests or when room service calls. If you'll excuse me, I need to answer the door.”

“There’s a slippery slope between dressing comfortably and looking like a street-style Snuffleupagus. If you’re wearing a tailored article of clothing or something with a nice hand, you can’t go wrong. Start with a chunky cardigan, and – if you’re man enough – some slippers, which I actually like to wear out on weekends running errands.”

“The artist and beer heiress Ms Daphne Guinness caused a bit of a stir a few years back when she admitted that she wears Rick Owens to the gym. OK, it’s a touch extravagant, but you can see her logic. Gym clothes should be comfortable, and there aren’t many designers out there that can rival Rick for comfort. And while I can’t quite bring myself to justify wearing them as work-out gear, I do find that his oversized T-shirts and hoodies make excellent loungewear for lazy yet luxe Sunday afternoons.”

“Incotex’s Four Season chino is aptly named. Cut from a slightly heavier cotton twill, it’s suitable for colder days, while still retaining that great fit and incredible comfort that the brand’s famous for. They’re perfect for weekends or casual Fridays with a pair of white leather sneakers.”

“Looking stylish is hardly the first thing on my mind when I’m standing outside defrosting the car windscreen first thing on a Monday morning. Comfort and warmth are far more important. That being said, I must admit that it’s nice when your hat and scarf coordinate, as is the case with this cashmere set from William Lockie. The dark green works particularly well with the camel brown of these suede gloves, too. Commuter chic.”

“Need to look smart? Cold outside? Really wish you could wear sweatpants to the office? There is an answer. These Lanvin trousers offer all the comfort of loungewear without sacrificing style. Team them with a Thom Browne white Oxford shirt and a cashmere sweater, and your colleagues will be none the wiser. Refined office smart-cazh (that’s short for casual, by the way).”

“As the nights draw in and the first frost begins to bite, there is nothing more comforting than getting home to your loved ones, popping on your favourite cashmere socks and curling up on the sofa, wrapped in a cashmere blanket.”

“I’m a big fan of comfortable loungewear and I recently upgraded my old football shirt to the ultimate indulgence – a cashmere hoodie. I’ve resisted the urge to go ‘full tracksuit’ with the matching sweatpants, so I generally wear this with a classic white vest and shorts.”

Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry