Golden Globes Blackout – The Best Dressed Men

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Golden Globes Blackout – The Best Dressed Men

Words by The Daily Team

8 January 2018

From Mr Milo Ventimiglia to Mr Aziz Ansari – all the best looks from this year’s awards.

The red carpet felt the seismic shift of post-Weinstein Hollywood at this year’s Golden Globes, with attendees dressed in black and wearing Time’s Up pins in support of the anti-harassment movement of the same name. The tuxedos the men donned were about something decidedly less trivial than being well-dressed. The sartorial points of difference were subtle (a velvet jacket here, a sable rollneck there), and spoke of solidarity rather than the standard celebrity one-upmanship. Still, that doesn’t mean there weren’t those who did it particularly well. Here are our favourites. (Particular kudos goes to those men who wore a black shirt with their tuxedo. It’s not an easy look to carry off.)

Mr Aziz Ansari made history at this year’s awards, being the first man of Asian descent to take home Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Musical Or Comedy category for his role in Master Of None, the Netflix show that he writes and stars in. His outfit was also a winner, with the velvet blazer and bow tie adding some texture to his all-black ensemble, which came courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna.

Since starring in Call Me By Your Name last year, the soigné Mr Timothée Chalamet has found himself a consistent fixture on best-dressed lists, and with good reason. Despite his widely acclaimed sob-in-front-of-the-fireplace performance in the movie, he didn’t win Best Actor, but his all-black everything (shawl-lapel tuxedo by Berluti) had him looking so good that it didn’t seem to matter. His pointed polished Chelsea boots were a particularly good choice, keeping the tux smart but also toughening it up a tad.

Last night, Mr Alexander Skarsgård was the proud winner of his first Golden Globe for his supporting role in Big Little Lies, but took the opportunity to make a fitting tribute (with his Time’s Up badge in place) to his female co-stars. “I had a privilege of working with a group of extraordinarily talented women,” he said. All in all, a nice combination of manners and outfit, particularly because this was the best example of a DB we saw all evening. We also admired his chunky bow tie (and no-nonsense haircut, which is a vast improvement on this).

The star of the NBC series This Is Us went for a classic approach with his tux, with satin lapels and a healthily sized bow tie. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, his suit is Ermenegildo Zegna Couture and, although you can’t see them in this picture, we’re reliably informed that he’s also wearing Montblanc cufflinks. A man with taste, clearly. And also personality. We’re not referring to that moustache, mind. When he spoke to E! News on the red carpet about how he dealt with his adoring fans, he said, “They just want a hug. They want a hug, so I’m happy to give hugs and advice as best I can.” What a nice guy.

Stranger Things Season 2 was nominated in the Best TV Series – Drama category last night. It didn’t win, but with a third series on the way, it doesn’t really matter, does it? This is the TV show that can do no wrong. And that goes for the cast, too, who (minus the breakout star Ms Millie Bobby Brown, who was reportedly still getting ready) walked the red carpet together in style last night. The standout was a mature-looking Mr Caleb McLaughlin, who showed exactly how to go tie-free at a formal event.

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