How To Make The Seventies Eyewear Trend Your Own

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How To Make The Seventies Eyewear Trend Your Own

Words by The Daily team

18 April 2018

It seems as if there was a period in the mid-2000s when the only acceptable shades – for those who care about trends and suchlike – were Ray-Ban Wayfarers, or designer variations thereof. That movement was a reaction, of sorts, to what had come before: the snowboarding-inspired excesses (wraparounds, coloured chrome lenses, sporty detailing) of the decade before. Now, it seems, we’re all about excess again – hence the return of the overstated, outsized sunglasses styles of the 1970s – perfect for wearing with this era’s loud prints, oversized pieces and quasi-ironic, thrift-store-inspired finds. Essentially, here, we’re largely talking about aviator styles, but let it be stated now that not all aviators are equal. In fact, they come in a variety of styles that will suit different face shapes and clothing. Scroll down to discover three of our current favourites.

These square-framed shades from Tom Ford are perfect for those looking to transition from Wayfarer-style shapes to aviators, as they sit neatly in between the two (so long, of course, as you have an oval or diamond shaped face). The 1970s styling of the smoky lenses will work well with other colours on the brown-yellow spectrum – try them out with this lightweight cotton-linen cardigan from Lardini.

Round aviators have a bit of a Mr John Lennon feeling to them, putting them on a style axis that is a little bit rock ’n’ roll. They best suit an oval or oblong face – if you are lucky enough to possess either, we would recommend investing in some arch vintage-inspired gear such as the above rodeo-style shirt from Japanese music-obsessed brand Wacko Maria.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to wear 1970s eyewear is to go full-tilt on the look by investing in one of the superlatively fun oversized styles currently on offer from Gucci. Thanks to the heavy crossbar, this particular pair are a standout. Though they are big enough to work with most face types, they will particularly complement those with large jaws or slim, oblong faces, as they’ll help add definition to your brow and forehead. And if you’re going for a statement pair of shades, you need a statement shirt to go with them – few examples this season are as fun as Gucci’s mad, erupting-volcano panther-and-floral-print camp-collar masterpiece, above.