Mr Frank Muytjens

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Mr Frank Muytjens

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood | Photography by Mr Bjorn Iooss | Styling by Mr Mitchell Belk

15 October 2014

“My dining table has become like a larger version of a coffee table but it means everything is more visible so I pick things up more often than if they’re out of sight”

Left: “I love the Old Masters and I paint as a hobby. That porcelain horse on the floor is one of mine”Right: “I’m mid-way through converting the garage into a studio or guest accommodation. That’s the next project”

“I grow all sorts of vegetables. It's the most wonderful feeling to go in with your fork and lift them from the earth”

“This Brooklyn bus scroll is from Paula Rubenstein’s antiques store in New York”

“I love the quiet and the peacefulness, the air, the sounds and the smells. Dutch loves it because he can run in the yard all weekend”

“I've purchased things continually over the past seven years. It's about the layers – these things don't just come together in a month”

“This Stephen Kenn sofa is made from old military tents. It resonated with me because we used vintage tents to make limited-edition bags and shorts. I felt a kinship”

“There’s never really a plan: I buy things and they just come together. The older you get, the more you know what you want. I like vintage things with a patina, a story”

“Layers and objects tell a story. You can see the person’s character and personality shining through”

“This place is very rural, and still a work in progress, but that’s what I really like about it – I wouldn't want it to ever be finished or perfect”