Mr Gram Parsons

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Mr Gram Parsons

Words by Mr Barney Hoskyns

8 April 2015

Mr Parsons’ studio portrait in California, 1969 Jim McCrary/ Redferns/ Getty Images

“If Mr Parsons wasn’t the first 1960s musician to attempt the apparently impossible – making country music hip – he was arguably the coolest, sexiest and most influential of them”

From left: Messrs Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Parsons and Hillman of The Flying Burrito Brothers in their Nudie suits as they pose with two female fans in front of a Joshua tree, Joshua Tree, California, 1969 Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

“Mr Richards was both the making and the unmaking of Mr Parsons. He fell in love with the Stones and embarked on a musical love affair with ‘Keef’”

From left: Messrs Richards, Parsons and Phil Kauffman, Ms Anita Pallenberg and Mr Tony Foutz, LA, California, 1969 © Michael Cooper Collection

From left: Ms Anita Pallenberg, Messrs Richards and Parsons, and Ms Burrell (just seen) at the Villa Nellcôte in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, 1971 Photo Dominique Tarle courtesy La Galerie de l’Instant

Mr Parsons at a party in the park, LA, California, 1973 Ginny Winn/ Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

“Only in the 1980s, with the first hints of the Americana movement in that decade’s ‘cowpunk’ movement, did a significant reappraisal of Mr Parsons’ work begin ”