The Mr P. Drop: Autumnal Essentials From The New Collection

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The Mr P. Drop: Autumnal Essentials From The New Collection

Words by Ms Danai Dana | Photography by Mr Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz

16 September 2020

After a cruel, cruel summer, September is the month with a new wave of optimism (we’ll see how long that lasts) and fresh new clothes. As mentioned with , rather than give you everything in one go, we thought it best to release this collection slowly, a few pieces at a time, unveiling the finer details of each.

Our second batch of the month consists of classic, enduring items for every man’s wardrobe accompanied by an autumnal aesthetic that puts us in the mood for crunchy auburn leaves and the smell of cinnamon – even for those beyond the northern hemisphere. Think snug woollen textures, rusty and woody colours, and keep on reading to discover more.

01. The aviator jacket

The aviator  took its maiden flight for the US Army during WWI. From there, it made the jump to the civilian wardrobe, embraced by subcultures as varied as 1960s mods to 1970s punks to 2010s rappers. A fresh take on the classic cut, constructed from houndstooth wool, aviator jacket should be your new winter staple. With this black and grey colourway, this shearling-trimmed will elevate any outfit to a, ahem, higher plane.

02. The rollneck sweater

Ms Nora Ephron called a black “the greatest purchase of my life”. For us, this cosy burnt-orange, merino-wool rollneck is up there. Its auburn shade will brighten up your wardrobe with a bold but sophisticated look, just in time for autumn. Pair it with a (see above) or a , preferably in a neutral tone to allow its rusty hue to shine through. Guaranteed top marks for the 1970s preppy philosophy student vibes.

03. The zip-up shirt

From adaptations and westerns to grunge and , the is a classic piece of Americana workwear that will never go out of style, especially come the transitional-weather months. Mr P.’s green and grey woven example is an update of the traditional shirt with a zip-up detail. With its relaxed fit, this makes for a must-have overlayer for any casual ensemble. 

04. The scarf

A will always be the cherry on top of any winter outfit. And as the colder months are fast approaching, a cashmere scarf is a necessary accessory. Mr P.’s new fringed cashmere and wool-blend scarf in this mustard, grey and brown checked colourway will look great layered on top of a or wrapped over a . You really can’t go wrong with an extra layer of knit.

05. The tie-dye socks

One good thing that came to the forefront in 2020 is tie-dye – for everything. And it’s not just for gnarly surfers, either. Knitted in Japan using next-level weaving techniques, these cotton with a subdued ochre pattern are a great way to dip a toe into the much-hyped trend. Wear them with a neutral palette for a pop of colour or with and to show off their ombré gradient.