MR PORTER X Prada: A Winning Combination

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MR PORTER X Prada: A Winning Combination

Photography by Mr Christopher Ferguson | Styling by Ms Eilidh Greig

25 April 2018

Introducing our new bowling-inspired collection made with the Italian superbrand. Yes, this is how we roll.

When it comes to Prada, we would hope we don’t have to say that much by way of introduction. Since the 1990s, the brand has maintained an enviable position firmly at the forefront of fashion, to the extent that it has become a household name, a byword for sleek elegance, forward-looking design and, yes, a lot of fun print shirts. So great is the admiration for the brand’s wares in the MR PORTER office that there was something of a festival atmosphere when, in September 2016, we became the first online store to offer Prada’s much-coveted menswear collection. You can only imagine our excitement then, as we announce another collaboration: a new MR PORTER X Prada capsule collection, composed entirely of exclusive pieces. In case you’ve missed all the feverish posts on Instagram, let us be clear. This launches today. You can shop the entire range here.

The starting point for this particular collaboration was a meeting between the 1950s and the 1980s. And yes, also, bowling. If you’re unsure how that all fits in, we would urge you to watch The Prada Method, the film we’ve created to accompany the collection, by clicking the play button above.

Of course, we wouldn’t want that to distract you from the clothes. In there, we’ve expanded upon many of the ideas in Prada’s pre-spring 2018 collection to create a range that is charmingly retro, but also refreshingly contemporary. The 1950s and the 1980s join together in pieces that might have been worn in either decade: graphic striped knitwear, silk-blend T-shirts, checked trousers, snappy Harrington jackets and camp-collar shirts. As MR PORTER buyer Mr Daniel Todd points out, it’s all a lot of fun. “The 1950s was a time of celebration and optimism and the clothes that people wore reflected this,” he says. “The 1980s have, until recently perhaps, been a maligned era of fashion, but even before bum bags (re)took menswear by storm, there was lots to love from a sartorial standpoint. For me, the aloha shirts are the standout styles from the collection.”

There’s plenty to choose from in this department. For those with more sober tastes, a colour-blocked blue and off-white variety. For caution-to-the-wind types, an unashamedly kitsch number in blue with red with a blazing red floral print, which, yes, is perfect for the bowling alley, but also whatever festival, garden party and holiday plans you might have this summer.

We’ve got the more sutble elements of the male wardrobe covered, too. There are impeccably cut cotton-poplin trousers in versatile navy and summery pale blue. There’s a range of the brand’s trademark tailoring, this time rendered in an appealing gingham check. There’s retro summer-weight knitwear with intriguing details, such as laser-cut patterns and striped panels. And there’s an ample selection of shoes, from classic loafers in Prada’s spazzolato leather to cap-toe Derbies and sneakers. In short, it’s the entire kit – everything you need for a winning look. Well, minus the bowling ball, unfortunately. Can you stop asking us about it on Instagram, please?

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