October 2014

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October 2014

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

13 November 2014

From Mr Matthew McConaughey to Mr Eddie Redmayne – our global round-up of who wore it well last month.

Hollywood and British royalty share the stage this month in a best-dressed list that includes one monarch-in-waiting, HRH Prince Charles, and two Oscar winners – Messrs Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck. What a boys’ night out that would be. The Hangover IV, anyone? But, we digress. Let’s talk about the clothes for a moment.

One of the clear themes this month is suits that make a statement – and we’re not just talking bold patterns, as in the case of the aforementioned Mr McConaughey, but eye-catching colours, too. Mr Jeremy Piven, the American who has been making waves on the other side of the pond with his starring role as the eponymous department store owner in Mr Selfridge, threw down a sartorial gauntlet at London’s of-the-moment Chiltern Firehouse in what can only be described as a Cadbury Dairy Milk-coloured suit (that’s Hershey’s, for our US readers). Meanwhile, at the Chateau Marmont, Mr Eddie Redmayne lived up to his reputation as the king of colourful tailoring in a dashing plum-coloured Burberry number. A bright suit can pack an undeniably stylish punch – but only if it fits properly, as both Messrs Redmayne and Piven’s did. Needless to say, had that not been the case, neither of them would have made it within a mile of our list. Read on to find out who else made the cut.

Mr Jeremy Piven

Mr Piven at the Chiltern Firehouse, London, 3 October Barcroft Media

Mr Brown comes to town: a regular at the Chiltern Firehouse is Mr Jeremy Piven, aka Entourage’s Ari Gold. Call us fantasists, but we like to imagine that his entire wardrobe is made up of suits like this, all of them chocolate brown, eggplant purple, burnt orange or some other opulent, 1970s-inspired colour – and each with its own pair of coordinating tasseled loafers.

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Mr Matthew Mcconaughey

Mr McConaughey at the European premiere of Interstellar, London, 29 October Stuart C Wilson/ Getty Images

There are big checks, and there are big, swinging checks – and at the premiere of his new movie Interstellar in London last month, Mr McConaughey opted very much for the latter. It sure is one heck of a suit, as the native Texan might say, but the loudness of the print is kept in check (boom boom) by the understated tie and plain white shirt. He scrubs up well, doesn’t he?

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Mr James Marsden

Mr Marsden leaving the Today show, New York City, 16 October Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

Inspired off-duty dressing from Mr Marsden, who had just finished filming the Today show in New York when this picture was taken. The Henley shirt, bomber jacket, jeans and sneakers combo might not scream “41-year-old father of three”, but by sticking to a dark blue colour scheme and making sure that everything he wears is crisp, neat and well-fitted, he makes it work.

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Mr Joshua Jackson

Mr Jackson out and about in New York City, 6 October Barcroft Media

Mr Jackson has featured in our monthly best-dressed list before (and we also interviewed him in July 2013), but this might be the first time that he’s made the cut without his extremely stylish girlfriend Ms Diane Kruger on his arm. Proof, if it were needed, that he can go it alone when called upon. His style is simplicity itself: a textured sweater, neat, front-pleated chinos, Wayfarers and roughed-up buckled shoes are all he needs.

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HRH Prince Charles

HRH Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the Peace and Reconciliation Centre, Bogotá, 30 October Tim Rooke/ Rex Features

The past few years have seen the heir apparent to the British throne shouldering more and more of his mother’s overseas duties. Just as well, then, that he’s equipped with a fine collection of tropical-weight suits. Nobody wears a double-breasted cut quite like him, but if you’re hellbent on trying anyway, we’ve made a couple of sartorial suggestions.

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Mr Hidetoshi Nakata

Mr Nakata at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week, Paris, 1 October Dominique Charriau/ Getty Images

On and off the pitch, Mr Hidetoshi Nakata was seen as Japan’s answer to Mr David Beckham. Now that their sporting careers are over, the two still have much in common. Mr Beckham has just launched a whisky brand, Haig Club, while Mr Nakata has his own sake brand, Sake “N”. Both have also furthered their reputations as style icons, the latter appearing on MR PORTER recently – and they both love a biker jacket. Here’s Mr Nakata wearing his at Paris Fashion Week.

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Mr Eddie Redmayne

Mr Redmayne at an event by Vanity Fair and Burberry celebrating the BAFTA and Britannia Awards, Los Angeles, 29 October Donato Sardella/ Getty Images for Vanity Fair

A painterly use of colour from the actor, who, as it happens, is quite colour-blind. Plum, oxblood, pale blue and a vibrant flash of kingfisher pocket square combine to create an outfit that has absolutely no right to work as well as it does. A triumph against adversity; we should all be inspired to dress a little more colourfully.

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Mr Ben Affleck

Mr Affleck out and about in Los Angeles, 28 October Getty Images

An indigo work jacket is one of those items that will never let you down. It has grown steadily as a trend over the past few years, championed by brands such as Folk in Britain, Unionmade in the US and Blue Blue Japan in Japan – but it still has yet to reach critical mass. And now, Mr Ben Affleck is wearing one. What more encouragement do you need?

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