Red Carpet Winners From The Golden Globes

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Red Carpet Winners From The Golden Globes

Words by The Daily Team

9 January 2017

Four of the best black tie looks from this year’s awards ceremony.

And we’re off! Last night’s Golden Globes in LA heralded the start of this year’s awards season. If a gong was given out for winning on the red carpet, these gentlemen would be our nominees for proving once again that there’s nothing boring about black tie. And the winner is… We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Mr Ryan Gosling is chloroform in human form: as he wafts by, people swoon embarrassingly in his wake. He could wear a painter’s overalls and probably get away with it. Last night, the all-singing, all-dancing star of La La Land went for a timeless Hollywood look: a white shawl-collared tuxedo with black velvet bow tie. “Mr Gosling clearly binged on a double bill of Goldfinger and Spectre before choosing this combination, right down to the red flower worn in his lapel,” says MR PORTER’s Style Director Mr Olie Arnold. “Not that picking Bond as a style influence is a bad thing, of course. Breaking from the traditional black tux will always raise eyebrows and grab the right attention – as if Mr Gosling needs any more.” This combination can make the wearer look a bit like a waiter, and it’s very risky at a party where drinks and canapés are being served – but at an awards do, it’s perfect. Expect to see him in dressed in umpteen different variations of black tie over the next six weeks – and he may well have plenty of acceptance speeches to deliver. This is Mr Gosling’s year.

An ever-reliable, ever-present figure on best-dressed lists, Steady Eddie once again demonstrates why he is the UK’s leading man when it comes to winning on the red carpet. Here we have a study in understated cool: it’s a flatteringly cut double-breasted jacket worn buttoned up with slim-fitted tailored trousers that finish perfectly on high-shine shoes with just a pop of white silk in the breast pocket. “Wearing a suit that’s slim through the body and with no break on the trousers creates a modern and sleek look that suits his shape perfectly,” says Mr Arnold. “A contender for sharpest look of the evening.”

In our eyes, the bite-sized cast of Netflix thriller Stranger Things were the de facto stars of 2016 full stop. The show itself was a lovely bit of retro escapism during a rather rotten year, and the oh-so-innocent yet brilliantly talented Messrs Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo (left to right) represented everything that was good about it. Such is their appeal; they keep cropping up off-duty doing equally amazing things – whether it be hilarious interviews on The Tonight Show, or the performance of “Uptown Funk” at the Emmys. Last night’s Golden Globes saw them perform a rap skit, and resurrect everyone’s favourite meme queen Barb. And this picture – showing them totally own the red carpet in an array of eveningwear – demonstrates just how far they’ve come. “Kids in tuxedos, what’s not to love,” says Mr Arnold. “It’s great the way each has chosen a look unique to themselves and that they have been fitted properly. There’s nothing worse than turning up to an event looking like you’ve borrowed your dad’s suit.” Roll on season two. #squadgoals.

Despite the fact that NBC breakout hit This Is Us – in which Mr Milo Ventimiglia plays alcoholic father Jack – was nominated for three Golden Globes, the comedy family drama with a difference went home empty-handed. Not to worry. It didn't stop its star from turning up to demonstrate to us all how to pull off a midnight blue tuxedo with aplomb. “Midnight blue eveningwear is perfect for the red carpet,” says Mr Arnold. “Not too daring that you’ll risk ridicule, but different enough from the classic monochrome look that you’ll stand out. Mr Ventimiglia also gets top marks for coordinating his shawl lapel, bow tie and shoes – keeping your colour combinations to a minimum when picking eveningwear should prevent any clashing faux pas.”

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