Seven Completely Perfect Bags For Spring

Words by Ms Lili Göksenin

Photography by Mr Jack Wilson

Styling by Ms Sophie Watson

1 April 2024

How many bags does the modern man really need? One? Two? What, 10? Turns out there’s no hard-and-fast rule and that’s lucky for you because these designers have pushed the bag boat out this season. There are some new colourways from the leather heroes at LOEWE, unusual shapes from the masters at BONASTRE and, of course, woven pieces of art from none other than Bottega Veneta. Any of this tickling your fancy? Read on to see the seven bags you should, er, bag this spring.

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01. The Bottega Veneta padded shell messenger bag

The Italian brand’s woven intrecciato is best known in its leather iteration. However, we’re particularly fond of this slightly unusual shell messenger bag. It’s the same signature technique in a modern hue and fabrication – one that’s sturdy and durable, no less. What’s not to love?

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02. The LOEWE Puzzle Edge messenger bag

The Puzzle bag from this Spanish brand has been around for a while. But new colour releases and slight variations on the theme keep us coming back for more. This cobalt version (also available in black, duh) is the perfect size. Big enough to hold a couple books, a water bottle and a smartphone, but not so big that you’ll instantly regret lugging it out of your house.

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03. The Dries Van Noten saddle bag

This elongated half-moon is a classic shape that many designers have played with over the years. We love this take from Dries Van Noten, made from soft brown calf leather. The tubular strap and zip-pull give this shoulder bag the Dries je ne said quoi we’ve come to know and love.

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04. The Berluti Un Jour Scritto bag

Made in Italy from Venezia leather that has been etched with Berluti’s signature Scritto motif, this boxy messenger bag is a perfect tote for a European vacation. The shape and finish conjure the classic designs from the 1960s, but this bag is decidedly “of today”. Signed, sealed, delivered – it’s yours.

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05. The LEMAIRE Croissant pouch

If you like your fashion with a hefty dose of playfulness, then this little bag – which, yes, was inspired by a croissant – is for you. Made from full-grain white leather, it’s an eye-catching accessory that will also catch compliments. Perhaps its diminutive size will finally convince you to bin your overlarge smartphone (which absolutely will not fit in this) in favour of a mental health-improving old-school flip.

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06. The BONASTRE Bon Bon bag

This vegetable-tanned, super soft leather bag was handcrafted in Spain and designed to simply get softer over time. It has a delightful, sweet-wrapper appearance, an adjustable shoulder strap and simple gleaming hardware. The full effect is perky yet elegant – a bag for a man who likes to have fun with his accessories.

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07. The SAINT LAURENT Solferino Mini logo bag

Has your chiropractor been on your case about storing your wallet/phone in your back pocket? Well, SAINT LAURENT has the solution for you: a mini Solferino bag big enough to fit just those items you need to remove from your pockets. It’s simple and sleek – a real go-with-everything style – but it also sports the iconic YSL logo as a wink to fellow fashionphiles.

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