Four Fine Jewellery Brands From Small World To Know Now

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Four Fine Jewellery Brands From Small World To Know Now

Words by Ms Lili Göksenin | Photography by Mr Matthieu Lavanchy | Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle

21 May 2022

This year, our Small World capsule collection includes fine jewellery. And why wouldn’t it? Jewellery, for the most part, is the embodiment of craft and often of traditional artisanship and ancient techniques, which dovetails perfectly with the ethos of Small World and, more broadly, the MR PORTER Craftsmanship Code.

We are thrilled to include four standout brands that employ techniques and materials rarely found elsewhere. These brands go beyond using recycled gold (most brands do so – newly mined gold is a thing of the past). Here’s why they have made it into our exclusive Small World fine jewellery collection.



Copenhagen-based Elhanati specialises in ancient gold-casting techniques inspired by founder Ms Orit Elhanati’s Middle Eastern heritage. Her jewellery is made using antique equipment and no two pieces are exactly alike. Using gold melted down from coins, Elhanati has created for Small World pieces that look and feel organic. Everything is crafted in-house using stones that are carefully and respectfully sourced from around the world.


Healers Fine Jewelry

Ms Anaïs Rheiner makes everything from start to finish, by hand, in her studio in Paris. Her family were in the jewellery business, but she has taken it one step further, crafting pieces that have an organic, hand-made look from stones that have ancient healing properties (such as the tourmaline, which is said to promote self-confidence, in a pendant necklace). The settings are open at the back so the stone is in contact with your skin, which is said to amplify its healing powers.


Fernando Jorge

Mr Fernando Jorge splits his business between London and Brazil. He deploys inventive casting techniques, which result in individual pieces, and uses materials that are increasingly hard to find, such as lapis lazuli, most of which comes from Afghanistan. It’s a small brand and one that focuses on community. The workshop in São Paolo was established in his Jorge’s hometown in order to develop jewellery craftsmanship there.


Lauren Rubinski

Ms Lauren Rubinski’s candy-like creations are designed to be fun to wear. Her classic enamel beads are a colourful addition to any outfit. For MR PORTER’s exclusive collection, Rubinski has created a gold pendant and anklet using an old technique whereby the metal is hollowed out so the pieces look heavy and chunky, but are delightfully light and easy to wear. Her studio in northern Italy supports the region’s craftsmanship and knowhow and produces decidedly modern pieces for the man who wants to add a little jazz to his jewellery collection.