The Best Dressed Men Of 2017

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The Best Dressed Men Of 2017

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

21 December 2017

From Mr Armie Hammer to Mr Matt Smith, meet the most stylish men of the year.

A year is a long time in the world of celebrity. Long enough for a star to rise, as in the case of 2017’s breakout actor Mr Timothée Chalamet. (More on him later.) Long enough for one to fall, too. How strange to think that, as recently as three months ago, it was still socially acceptable to binge-watch House Of Cards, Mr Louis CK’s Louie or the cinematic back-catalogue of Mr Steven Seagal. (Just kidding. That last one was never OK.)

Yes, the past year proved an eventful one for celebrities. And that, in turn, made it an eventful one for us. Celebrities are our role models, the people we lean on in uncertain times. And these are uncertain times. We look to their lives for a sense of stability. They’re our window into a world that’s not only more glamorous, but also safer and less bewildering than our own. Or so we think.

So, as we announce our picks for the best-dressed men of 2017, a year when chaos became normal and nothing could be taken for granted, we must stress the importance of consistency. The 10 men on the list didn’t just nail it once, they did it from January to December. In doing so, they provided us with a salutary lesson to carry forward into 2018 – that when everything seems to be changing, just stay true to who you are. Read on to find out who made it.

As perfect a leading man as it’s possible to imagine without venturing into the realms of fantasy, Mr Armie Hammer has been earmarked for stardom ever since his breakout role as the Winklevoss twins in 2010’s The Social Network. Now with a starring role in one of this year’s most talked-about movies, Call Me By Your Name, it looks like he’s finally made it. With promotion to Hollywood’s elite, however, come responsibilities and none is more time-consuming than an increased commitment to the press. Mr Hammer, no rookie on the red carpet, has taken to his new duties like a fish to water. Standing a statuesque 6ft 5in tall, he has that enviable quality of looking good in whatever he wears. His appearance on our best-dressed list owes nothing to his height, though, and everything to his eye for a good outfit, three of which are reproduced here. You can bet your last Bitcoin that every menswear brand under the sun will be fighting to get him in its tuxedo for the 2018 Oscars ceremony next March. But he’ll probably be wearing one by his pal, Nocturnal Animals director Mr Tom Ford.

It was a big year for Mr Dev Patel, who was up for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars in February for his heart-rending performance in Lion. And while he may not have won the statuette, he surely left with an army of new fans. Who can fail to be charmed by a man who brings his mother along as his date? We named him one of the best-dressed men of the night, noting how his ivory tuxedo jacket brought a touch of old-school Hollywood glamour to the proceedings. We’re going one further now and nominating him as one of our most stylish men of the year. Whatever he’s doing, whether it’s appearing at an event in his capacity as a brand ambassador for IWC Schaffhausen or just showing up to the polo, he always ranks among the best-dressed guys in attendance. There’s an effortlessness and an individuality to his style that’s rarely seen in his fellow Oscar-nominated actors, who can look a little too neat, too groomed, almost as if they’ve been dressed by someone else. That’s not an accusation you could level at Mr Patel, whose style is very much his own.

Somebody’s got to go big. Somebody’s got to turn it up. In 2017, that somebody was Mr Donald Glover. The multi-talented actor, rapper, comedian and producer made quite the entrance this year, arriving at the Golden Globes in January in a chocolate-brown velvet tuxedo from Gucci that left every other guy on the red carpet feeling impotent. A few months later, at the Met Gala, a night of sartorial one-upmanship that regularly veers from the sublime to the ridiculous – you might remember Mr Jaden Smith bringing his own freshly shorn dreadlocks along as an accessory – Mr Glover stood out for all the right reasons in a sharply tailored floral tuxedo jacket from Burberry. And he made it a hat trick at the Emmy Awards in September when he donned a bold purple tuxedo, also from Gucci. None of these looks is for the faint of heart. Pulling off just one of them is impressive. Pulling off all three? Absurd.

Could Mr Timothée Chalamet, a man whom, let’s be honest, none of us had heard of a year ago, be on his way to becoming the youngest ever recipient of the Best Actor Oscar? It’s possible. The Call Me By Your Name star will be 22 when the ceremony takes place in March, a full seven years younger than the current youngest recipient, Mr Adrien Brody, who was 29 when he won for The Pianist in 2003. Whatever happens, we’re sure to be seeing more of this wildly talented young actor in years to come. (If you want to know just how good he is, watch his monologue from Miss Stevens, an independent film from 2016. It’s on YouTube.) As for style, he’s been making all the right moves in the past few months, appearing in velvet suits from Mr Alessandro Michele’s Gucci (right) and Mr Haider Ackermann’s Berluti (middle) on the Call Me By Your Name press tour, while also appearing in Mr Raf SimonsCalvin Klein. A name to remember when awards season kicks off in earnest next year.

You could argue that Mr Jon Kortajarena boasts a natural advantage when it comes to style, in that he’d look good dressed in a hessian sack. But attractiveness can be a double-edged sword in that it breeds apathy. When you’ve got cheekbones that could etch glass, is there really any point in dressing up? Props to Mr Kortajarena, then, for consistently bringing his A game to the endless premieres, openings and various other events he was required to attend in 2017, and for making the tough gig of being one of the world’s most successful male models look as easy as pie. We’ve picked out just three of his best looks from the past 12 months. There are plenty more that we could have included.

It’s two in a row for Mr Matt Smith, who graced our annual best-dressed list at the end of 2016. Last year, he merited inclusion with a trio of smart red-carpet looks. This year, he’s proved he can do off-duty, too. He’s the face of Burberry’s Christmas campaign, not to mention a long-standing brand ambassador, so it’s no surprise to see the brand’s military-inspired outerwear represented so heavily in his wardrobe. An adventurous dresser, he seems to prefer avant-garde seasonal pieces to the classics. One of our favourite shots of the year captures the actor out and about on the streets of New York wearing a straight-off-the-runway, oversized trench coat like it’s no big deal. In another, he’s hanging out at Café de Paris in London in a cropped duffle coat with wildly exaggerated rope toggles. All in all, it’s been another stellar year for Mr Smith’s sartorial portfolio. Which begs the question: can he make it three out of three?

There are model genes and then there are Gerber genes. The youngest entry on our best-dressed list, Mr Presley Gerber is the 18-year-old son of two ex-models, Ms Cindy Crawford and Mr Rande Gerber. He also happens to be the older brother of model of the moment Ms Kaia Gerber. So, yeah. He won the genetic lottery. Woop de doo. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the land of the beautiful, though. To paraphrase (completely misquote) Uncle Ben from Spider-Man, with great genes comes great responsibility. The Gerber kids have grown up in the light of paparazzi flashbulbs, their every move and mistake photographed, published and dissected by the press. Congratulations are due, then, to young Mr Gerber, the subject of such mind-numbing tabloid headlines as “Cindy Crawford’s Son Presley Gerber Smokes Cigarette”, for having navigated the treacherous waters of adolescence with such apparent ease. Band tees, bomber jacketsdenim shirts – this is how you’re supposed to dress when you’re a teenager.

Remember when Mr Robert Pattinson was mainstream? Before he got engaged to (and then split up with) an avant-garde popstar and started appearing on the covers of fashion magazines in pink wigs? The 31-year-old’s transformation from teen heart-throb to weird-cool art-house movie star is now so complete that it’s a struggle to reconcile the R-Patz seen here – eccentric, mysterious, invariably dressed in Dior Homme – with the amorous vamp who appeared on cinema screens in Twilight all those years ago. Take a wild guess at which one we prefer. The key to inclusion in MR PORTER’s end-of-year best-dressed list is consistency. It’s all about finding your look and sticking to it. On the photographic evidence presented here, Mr Pattinson has got to be one of the most consistently stylish guys out there.

What can we conclude from the photographs shown here? That Mr Ryan Gosling likes Red Wing Shoes? We can certainly conclude that he liked a specific pair of Red Wings between the dates of 17 and 21 September this year, which is when these pictures were taken. He was fulfilling promotional duties for the release of Blade Runner 2049, an arduous slog that took him around the world for countless premieres, photocalls and chat show appearances – he’s in Berlin, London and Madrid in these shots – so it makes sense that he’d have packed a pair of comfortable boots. If he showed consistency below the ankles, though, he was all versatility above. Just like that other handsome Hollywood A-lister called Ryan, Mr Gosling has mastered the art of the casual photocall. The secret? Just a lot of good knitwear and some worn-in boots.

A warm “bonjour” to Mr Simon Porte Jacquemus, the self-taught designer behind Jacquemus, an independent Parisian womenswear label. What he’s exhibiting in these photographs is something we like to refer to as creative-director chic. If you’ve ever attended a fashion show, you’ll be aware that after the last model has disappeared backstage it’s customary for the creative director to pop his or her head out and give the assembled fash pack a wave. They’ll be wearing an old pair of sneakers, some broken-in denim or workpants and a loosely fitting sweater or shirt. A look that’s at once careless and intensely considered, it’s designed to say “I’ve been working for 36 hours straight, do you think I have time to get dressed up?” Invariably, though, they’re among the best-dressed people at the show. Mr Porte Jacquemus was a case in point this year.

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