The Best Dressed Men Of March

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The Best Dressed Men Of March

Words by Mr Stuart Husband

13 April 2016

Last month’s most stylish, from Mr James Norton in shearling to Mr Tom Hiddleston’s blue suit .

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That spread of fauna is reflected in our roundup of who wore it best last month. As spring’s green shoots made their first tentative appearance, some took to the streets with a bare-ankled leonine roar, while others were reluctant to shed the shearling. Whether they were layering against the cold or loosening up in the heat, these men tackled the seasonal vagaries with consummate style – placing them all at the top of the sartorial food chain.

It’s an amusing irony that Mr Bill Skarsgård is currently starring in the science-fiction movie Allegiant, in which an attempt is made to rid the world of people with “bad genes”. After all, as the son of Swedish acting colossus Mr Stellan Skarsgård (and with seven siblings, four of whom are also actors), his own DNA is unimpeachable – as is his dress sense. Just look at the way he nails the slouchy, off-duty look by nonchalantly rolling his T-shirt sleeves up over those of his shirt jacket, the better to plunge his hands into the pockets of his beautifully fitted charcoal chinos. Bad genes? Never. Bad jeans? Even more unthinkable.

When will shearling stop being a sure thing? Not any time soon – it’s been gambolling down the menswear runways for a couple of seasons already, and this particular lambskin still has legs. Just ask actor Mr James Norton, who emerges from this statement overcoat more swell boy than Del Boy, thanks to his decision to set off its burnished hue against the neutral tones of his scarf and the deep indigo of his jeans. Extra points for the complementary 1970s accents of the tote, and for coordinating his coffee cup with his sweater.

Is there any sixty-something having as much pure, clean, unadulterated fun with his look as Mr Jeff Goldblum right now? He’s the same age as Mr Tony Blair, for goodness sake. But far from sinking into éminence grise-style conservatism, Mr Goldblum keeps things salt-and-pepper snappy by tweaking the basics – pared-down suits and shirts of Saint Laurent skinniness and Thom Browne proportions, buttoned-up polos and jazzster fedoras (courtesy of LA hat maker Mr Nick Fouquet), and, even more audaciously, ankle baring! When spring has barely sprung! Even in LA!

“Clap along if you feel that a trans-seasonal, heavy-duty but surprisingly lightweight field jacket is the truth,” Mr Pharrell Williams didn’t quite sing in his universe-conquering monster hit “Happy”. And who wouldn’t experience the height of happiness in such a perfectly on-trend, extravagantly-clasped-and-pocketed garment? Its slim cut only accentuates his lithe frame, especially when paired with some impregnable khakis and beetle-crusher boots.

Tear your eyes away for a moment, if you can, from the symphony in scarlet that is Ms Beatrice Borromeo, and contemplate the formalwear A-game of her husband Mr Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco and seventh in line to the throne of that fortunate principality. Yes, you could argue that the scions of the Monegasque royal family are practically born in black tie, but Mr Casiraghi elevates it several degrees above the prosaic with a beautifully cut peak-lapel double-breasted jacket that adds breadth to his already not-inconsiderable height and whose nipped-in waist keeps things elegant rather than heavy.

Regular readers of The Journal will already be apprised of Mr Steven Gerrard’s relocation from the lowering skies of Liverpool to the lambent light of Los Angeles, thanks to our exclusive interview some weeks ago, but if you didn’t already know, you might guess from this outfit, which proves he’s gone native with a vengeance. The lightweight-suit-with-cashmere-crew-neck look is one we’re always lauding here at MR PORTER, and will enable Mr Gerrard to progress from West Hollywood macrobiotic sushi joint to poolside cabana meeting with seamless ease. The slip-on sneakers and the absence of socks top off the “I don’t think we’re in Toxteth any more” mien – although, should the sun choose to hallow Liverpool 8 or even Llandudno 28 this summer, Mr Gerrard’s is the look to emulate.

We get it, Mr Tom Hiddleston, we really do. Your performance as an ice-cold, diamond-hard assassin in BBC series The Night Manager has got everyone clamouring for you to assume the James Bond mantle, and you even ordered a vodka martini in the last episode as a pre-emptive 007 calling card. We don’t blame you for wanting to treat every public appearance as a full dress rehearsal, and we’re very glad you did in this instance, because very few people could pull off walking across a nondescript square in an impeccably cut electric-blue suit and perfectly proportioned accessories – from the skinny tie to the pointy shoes – as suavely, sophisticatedly and downright double-oh dandyishly as you. Consider us shaken and stirred.

Sir Paul Smith, The Jolliest Man In Fashion, was on typically sprightly form when he recently popped out to celebrate the opening of his concession in London’s relocated Dover Street Market. But then, you’d look pretty perky if you were in the heart of your Happy Place, surrounded by a few of your favourite things: Japanese robots, Alessi corkscrews, vintage stock-cube tins, Miró-esque sculptures and an outfit – bold windowpane check suit teamed with chambray shirt and elegant sneakers – displaying the mastery of the smart-casual equation that comes with five decades of toiling at the menswear coalface.

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