The Best Men’s Outfits At The Baftas 2018

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The Best Men’s Outfits At The Baftas 2018

Words by The Daily Team

19 February 2018

The red-carpet looks winning the style stakes this year.

Another day, another awards ceremony. And, yes, another chance for a wide range of switched-on celebrities to show their support for the Time’s Up campaign, by opting for all-black ensembles with the matching, rather smart pin. Yes, the monochrome approach makes the job of the red carpet pundit that little bit more difficult. But it also allows us to zero in on the details – which is the kind of thing we know MR PORTER readers appreciate anyway. So everyone is a winner here. Apart from the people who didn’t win anything, obviously. Scroll down for our pick of the best evening outfits from the event.

The Call Me By Your Name star is currently one of the red carpet’s leading lights and it’s easy to see why: the man knows how to pick a tuxedo. Here he opts for a slim-fitting velvet number from Saint Laurent – a brand that has built an empire on this kind of thing – which is perfect for a man of his slight stature. The shoes, as is Mr Chalamet’s general wont, are a perfect match – slim and slightly pointed, with a high gloss finish that seems tailor-made for the flashbulbs. And of course, the renegade move of leaving off the bow tie gives the whole thing a little bit of that gallic nonchalance that this kind of occasion can always do with.

On Baftas night, Mr Cranston did three very important things for the cameras. Firstly, he chose a jacket that was slim but perfectly fitted, meaning that, when closed, the lapels sat wonderfully flat against his chest. Secondly, he opted for a midnight blue colour, which actually looks a little more sharp and striking under all the flashing lights. Thirdly, upon leaving he held up his iPhone as if it was an award, to make light of the fact that he didn’t win one. Not necessarily a style moment, that last one, but a bit of fun anyway, and goodness knows we all need a bit of fun now and then.

In 2009’s A Single ManMr Nicholas Hoult took direction from Mr Tom Ford in the latter’s first foray into feature filmmaking. Almost ten years on, Mr Hoult’s Baftas look suggests he was taking notes on Mr Ford’s signature style. This classically suave Tom Ford suit is the perfect match for his tall, slim stature; the single-breasted, straight-legged tuxedo creating a sharp, leading man silhouette. There are dashes of daring too like satin trim cuffs that elevate it in a sea of red carpet black and white. To top it off, Mr Hoult wears evening slippers with a satin bow at the top in an act of red-carpet scene stealing.

Another young star who is getting more than acquainted with the black tie event this awards season is Mr Josh O’Connor, already winner of a British Independent Film Award and nominated here for EE Rising Star for his lead role in God’s Own Country. There, Mr O’Connor played a Yorkshire farmer who falls for the farm’s Romanian hired help. Here, he trades overalls, wellies and a permanent scowl for the classic tuxedo, cummerbund and a chuffed-to-bits grin.

Sir Patrick Stewart may not have been a nominee at this year’s Baftas, but the 77-year-old is part of the red-carpet furniture at this point, and a reliably well-dressed part at that. Looking characteristically sage in a sable suit and tie, Sir Patrick also donned a Time’s Up pin on his satin peak-lapelled jacket in solidarity with the Me Too movement. No sartorial smoke and mirrors or funny style business going on here, just a timelessly likeable gentleman in a timelessly stylish suit. If only there’d been an award for managing to look humble, elegant and sharp all at once, we think Sir Patrick would have stolen it.