The Most Stylish Men Of October 2015

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The Most Stylish Men Of October 2015

Words by Mr Adam Welch

12 November 2015

Our global round-up of who wore it well last month.

October is a month in which people get dressed up in all sorts of weird and spooky costumes and hit the streets in the pursuit of treats and nocturnal mischief. Then at the end, after all the fashion weeks have finished, there’s Halloween, which is also rather fun. As most of the team at MR PORTER HQ are trying to put what happened on 31 October behind us (and wondering why the word “Maoam” suddenly fills us with deep terror), we’ve spent considerable time focusing on the former part of the month, to discover that many members of the On the Town set really pulled out the stops, style-wise. Scroll down for our guide to the best of them.

Mr Mark Ronson

Mr Mark Ronson attends The Q Awards at The Grosvenor House hotel, London, 19 October. Photograph by David M Benett/ Getty Images

For most men, pulling off a light-coloured suit such as this would be a challenge in itself, even before you factor in the slightly retro wide cut of the trousers. But for Mr Mark Ronson it’s a walk in the park. In fact, he’s so relaxed about it that he’s thrown it on over a boat-neck tee instead of a shirt. And because of that “why not” attitude, it works. You can’t be too prim when opting for a loose Bohemian cut such as this.

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Mr Pharrell Williams

Mr Pharrell Williams in New York City, 7 October. Photograph by Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

Sometimes, it feels as if Mr Pharrell Williams just wears counterintuitive things to prove he can pull them off; this double-denim ensemble being a prime example. But there’s actually a little more to this look than that – it’s successful because of the fact that both the jeans and jacket are intricately faded, meaning they aren’t too matchy-matchy, although they are a similar colour. The washed-out look (with white T-shirt) also reminds us a little of Mr Martin Sheen in Mr Terrence Malick’s 1973 masterpiece Badlands – a very, very good thing.

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Mr Raf Simons

Mr Raf Simons in Paris during the SS16 shows, 7 October. Photograph by Kuba Dabrowski/ WWD/ REX Shutterstock

Is Mr Raf Simons here dictating the future of style to an awed protegé on the other end of the phone? Or is he listening to a particularly alarming drunken voicemail? Of course, we have no way of knowing. But we do know he is fielding this call in style, thanks to his minimal colour palette of black, blue and beige and his slightly weathered Stan Smiths. He was largely responsible for repopularising the classic tennis shoes last year, and now he’s using them to undercut the classic-ness of his mac. They don’t call him a genius for nothing.

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Mr Ralph Fiennes

Mr Ralph Fiennes attending the Spectre premiere after-party at the British Museum, London, 26 October. Photograph by Mark Robert Milan/ Getty Images

Mr Ralph Fiennes has clearly worn a lot of tuxes in the course of his life, looking supremely comfortable here in this classic, peak-lapelled number at the premiere of the new Bond movie Spectre. What’s particularly nice about the outfit is that he’s had the confidence not to overdo it. With the trousers hemmed and tapered to break perfectly just above the shoe, a sharp bow tie and a jacket that reveals half an inch of white shirt sleeve, there’s little to do in the way of improvement. No wonder he’s got that big grin on his face.

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Mr Stefano Tonchi

Mr Stefano Tonchi in Paris during the SS16 shows, 7 October. Photograph by Hunter Abrams/

Mr Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of the supremely glossy W Magazine, is one of the few men in the world who can make the Wall Street look (double-breasted grey suit, camel coat, black Oxfords) seem cutting edge, and he does it here with aplomb. The secret to it all is in the long, lean cut of the double-breasted jacket, which, alongside the slim tie and unstructured, drooping shoulder line of the coat, makes for an outfit that is simultaneously more flattering and more casual than your typical city uniform. Of course, it helps that he’s clutching an invite – always a good way to look like you’re going somewhere wonderful and important.

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Mr Jarvis Cocker

Mr Jarvis Cocker attending the Chanel Exhibition Party at the Saatchi Gallery, London, 13 October. Photograph by Flynet Pictures

We’re not sure musician and DJ Mr Jarvis Cocker, a rather singular and trailblazing individual, is the kind of person to take much notice when MR PORTER says things such as “the 1970s are back”. But here he is anyway, proving that proposition in a panoply of brown velvet pieces. This outfit might be a bit full-on for your average non-pop star, but it shows how you can make the most out of the sometimes-tricky colour brown by wearing several different shades of it at once. Thanks to this sartorial trick, here Mr Cocker escapes any dusty librarian associations and instead looks like what he is – a rakish, record-toting man about town.

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Mr Daniel Craig

Mr Daniel Craig at a Spectre photocall at the Corinthia Hotel, London, 22 October. Photograph by Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

If you’ve managed to get to the cinema this month to watch the high-speed fashion show that is Spectre, you might think you’ve seen Mr Daniel Craig hop around in enough outfits to last you for the rest of your life. But, bear with us, because there’s one more here that’s worth your time. Here, Mr Craig is not demonstrating how to pack 18 linen suits, numerous pieces of ski-wear, rollnecks, boots and a cream tuxedo into two small pieces of hand luggage (though we wish the screenwriters of Spectre would let us in on this secret) but how a 40-something man can claw back a few years with a sharp bomber jacket (from MR PORTER favourite Oliver Spencer). It’s a great off-duty outfit, not too smart, but not too sloppy, and looks particularly crisp because of the cool colour palette of black and white with shades of indigo.

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Mr Brendan Fallis

Mr Brendan Fallis at a party at Spring Studios, New York, 14 October. Photograph by Madison McGaw/

You turn up to the party, you find the place where your name is written on the wall. You stand there, so everyone knows who you are. People take photos. Ah, if only life could always be this simple. Sadly, such perks are only available for the likes of DJ and entrepreneur Mr Brendan Fallis, who is pictured here (seemingly, in his appointed spot), attending a do at Spring Studios during New York fashion week. As is his wont on such occasions, he has put together an appealing smart-casual look with a sporty edge to it, dipping into the coming season’s grey-on-grey trend with his neat sweater-and-blazer combo, and breaking out a sparklingly brand new pair of sneakers for good measure. Hopefully he was allowed to wander away from Fallis corner at some point so people got to see him.

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