The Sharpest Men Of The Month

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The Sharpest Men Of The Month

2 November 2017

From Mr Ryan Gosling’s double denim to Mr Jamie Dornan on the golf course, presenting October’s best-dressed men.

The month of October presents more than its fair share of opportunities for dressing up. That’s largely thanks to the festivities surrounding 31 October, of course. But if you’re here looking for this year’s best celebrity Halloween costumes, then we kindly suggest that you redirect yourself to the Mail Online. This is MR PORTER’s On The Town, 100 per cent vampire and zombie-free since 2012. So, then, who made it into the list this month? Read on to find out...

Mr Ryan Reynolds in New York, 16 October. Photograph by Mr Edward Opi/Splash News

At first glance, there’s nothing much to report here. It’s just a photograph of Mr Ryan Reynolds walking around New York, which is where he lives, looking effortlessly stylish, which is what he does. So far, so familiar. Even the army-green suede jacket by Officine Generale is something he’s worn before. So, why the inclusion in our best-dressed list? Well, if you’ve been keeping an eye on Officine Generale’s Instagram Stories, you’ll have seen this very jacket recently featured in a public vote. In light of this photograph emerging, the brand asked its 10.6k followers if they’d like to see it back in production. The result was an overwhelming “yes”. Was this just idle Instagram chatter, or do they intend to stay true to their word? We asked the brand’s founder, Mr Pierre Mahéo, who confirmed that the Liam jacket in green will indeed be making a returning soon. So, there you are. You heard it here first. And if you can’t wait for the restock, the jacket’s available now on MR PORTER in grey.

Mr Christoph Waltz at the Hostiles opening, Rome Film Festival, 26 October. Photograph by Ms Anna Maria Tinghino/SilverHub/REX Shutterstock

Dapper Hollywood polyglot Mr Christoph Waltz decided to break out the velvet jacket last month, and in doing so fired the opening salvo of “Party Season 2017”. Too soon, we hear you cry? Yes, yes, the festive season does seem to creep into our lives a little earlier with each passing year, but of all its attendant “joys” – eggnog lattes, novelty sweaters, the same five songs on repeat everywhere you go, and so on – velvet jackets are surely among the least offensive. Which is why we’re cheering Mr Waltz’s decision to get the party started, even if it might seem a tad premature. What we have here is a picture-perfect example of the depth of colour that velvet can bring to an outfit. See how much darker his jacket appears than his tie and trousers? They’re both also black, in accordance with the evening’s dress code, but you wouldn’t have guessed; they look charcoal grey by comparison.

Mr Dev Patel at the Veuve Cliquot Polo, LA, 14 October. Photograph by Mr Joe Schildhorn/BFA/REX Shutterstock

Saddle up, grab your mallets and join the in-crowd as we head over to LA for the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. This annual event, now in its eighth year, has a reputation for drawing a strong Hollywood contingent. 2017 was no exception. Among the A-listers giving up their afternoons for the chance to quaff champagne and watch men on horses hit balls – we have no idea of the rules, these events always end up in a haze of end-to-end goals and galloping – was Mr Dev Patel. And while we may not be qualified to hold forth on the rules of the sport itself, we are more than qualified to pronounce the British actor as the event’s best-dressed male attendee. He kept it simple in stone chinos, a white T-shirt and an impeccably cut navy blazer. Less apparent from this photograph are his accessories, a pair of round sunglasses, and – just visible – a simple dress watch from his preferred brand, IWC Schaffhausen. And, let’s not fail to mention the boots. Rule Number One when visiting the polo: don appropriate footwear. There’s a bit halfway through where they hand you a glass of champagne and ask you to walk out onto the field and stomp down the divots. That part, we do remember.

Mr Finn Wolfhard at the Stranger Things 2 premiere, LA, 26 October. Photograph by FeatureFlash/REX Shutterstock

How strange it is to see the cast of Stranger Things – who, let’s not forget, were not even teenagers when filming of the first season commenced – make the journey into adolescence before our very eyes. And how strange it is to see them do it with none of the awkwardness that we’ve come to associate with that period of our own lives. Here’s one of them, Mr Finn Wolfhard, at the LA premiere of the Netflix show’s second season, a couple of months shy of his 15th birthday and looking more comfortable in his skin than most of us did at 25. It helps, of course, that he’s dressed head-to-toe in Prada. There’s a lot to like in this photograph: the grey-on-grey rollneck sweater and Prince of Wales-checked blazer combo is on point, the trousers are hemmed just-so and the brothel creeper-style Derbies give the outfit a contemporary finish. Still, it leaves us in a bit of a quandary. Is it wrong for a 30-something to want to steal the style of a 14-year-old?

Mr Waris Ahluwalia at the Warrior Games Exhibition at The Halcyon Gallery, London, 11 October. Photograph by Mr Dave Benett/Getty Images for Elephant Family

We all have our own look. But it takes a certain type of man to truly make a look their own. Jewellery designer, actor and general man-about-town Mr Waris Ahluwalia is one of them. His signature get-up – a two-button mohair suit, a mostly unbuttoned white shirt, a pocket square and a pair of Birkenstock sandals – is a formula that he has perfected over several years. Here, you’re seeing a slightly amended version, with suede desert boots standing in for his trusty Birkenstocks. (It is autumn, after all.) There is a subversiveness at the heart of Mr Ahluwalia’s sense of style – it’s as if he’s trying to flip the codes of formality on their heads and challenge what it means to be “smartly” dressed. Look at the way he’s left his desert boots unlaced. Can you name another person who could make that look good?

Mr Jamie Dornan at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland, 8 October. Photograph by WENN

Did you know that Mr Jamie Dornan hails from Holywood, the same small town in Northern Ireland as Mr Rory McIlroy? The two men even started playing golf at the same course. The former’s preternatural good looks and the latter’s freakish skill with a driver saw their careers head off in wildly different directions – as a model-slash-actor and a professional golfer, respectively – but Mr Dornan still dabbles in the game. His most recent appearance was at the pro-am Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, where he partnered the eventual winner, Mr Tyrrell Hatton (left). He didn’t do quite as well himself, finishing a nonetheless respectable joint-12th on the team leaderboard, but he excelled when it came to style. If you’ve ever wondered how to look good on the fairway, this is a fine example. Well-cut, subdued in colour, and with a pleasing absence of visible branding. Special mention must also go to the seasonally appropriate – in the fashion as well as the meteorological sense – corduroy trousers.

Mr Ryan Gosling arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Studio, Hollywood, 3 October. Photograph by BACKGRID

Last month, in the course of fulfilling his contractual obligation to promote the release of Blade Runner 2049Mr Ryan Gosling spent an awful lot of time talking to chat show hosts. Here he is, for instance, arriving to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in Hollywood. Naturally, this month-long press tour afforded him the opportunity to dress up in plenty of expensive suits – we can only assume that that’s one of them inside the bag being carried by his minder in this photograph. But these stylist-sanctioned, designer-sponsored outfits rarely offer a genuine reflection of an actor’s true sense of style, so we’ve chosen to gander at what he wore to and from the studio instead – Mr Gosling the man, rather than Mr Gosling the brand. This one’s all about small details elevating an everyday look: the over-sized denim jacket with popped collar, the vintage watch, the Red Wing Shoes, the tortoiseshell-rimmed sunglasses, the gold dog-tag necklace.

Mr Timothée Chalamet at the premiere of Call Me By My Name for BFI London Film Festival, at Odeon Leicester Square, London, 9 October. Photograph by Ms Isabel Infantes/Press Association

Rarely has a man gone from virtual unknown to style hero in such a short space of time. If you’re among the shrinking minority who are yet unaware of this young man, his name is Mr Timothée Chalamet and he stars as the teenage lover of Mr Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name, the critically acclaimed – and, dare we say it, Oscar-tipped – holiday romance from Mr Luca Guadagnino that’s currently garnering five-star reviews across the board. The New York-born actor plays Elio, the precociously talented and cultured son of a professor. From the evidence of this photograph alone, which was taken at the movie’s London premiere and reveals a sense of style far in advance of his 21 years, he appears to have been well-cast indeed. And to think that this bottle-green velvet tuxedo is just one of the half-dozen outfits, each as elegant as the last, that he has worn so far on the movie’s promotional tour. A bright future looms.

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