Five Japanese Brands You Should Know

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Five Japanese Brands You Should Know

Photography by Mr Antony Crook | Styling by Mr Bohan Qiu

30 October 2014

From left: Messrs Goto, Aizawa, Takizawa, Nakada and Tsuji

Mr Aizawa in the White Mountaineering office, Daikanyama

“White Mountaineering has a main line called Wardrobe... which I designed with my everyday clothes in mind”

Mr Nakada relaxes at the Beams Plus store, Jingumae

“Since I started working for Beams Plus my life has been influeneced by American culture. I also collect mid-century furniture and homewares”

Mr Takizawa in his office, Sendagaya

“Tokyo's original style is evolving... It has recently become cleaner, mixing heritage and sportier styles”

Mr Tsuji outside the "Okura" store, Daikanyama

“Our brand is based on indigo and old farm workwear... It's also important to use colours and materials that relate to Japan's four seasons”

Mr Goto inside the store he founded in 2007, Meguro

“I'm interested in new things and technology, but when I start researching I often discover old techniques and ideas”