What To Wear For The Winter Commute

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What To Wear For The Winter Commute

Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

7 December 2017

How to stay warm (but not too warm) on the way to work this winter.

Life, as you may have heard from one trite motivational Instagram post or another, is all about the journey, and not the destination. Unfortunately for most of us, that journey isn’t always a glamorous one, especially when the mornings are frosty and there’s a daily commute to get on with. We’ve all been there – pressed against the train doors sardine-style, perspiring profusely, and breathlessly arriving to work looking like a badly-wrapped present that nobody asked for. What’s more, the winter weather means that wrapping up warm ends up taking precedence over style, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, keeping the chill out needn’t mean compromising on looking good. We understand that’s not quite as easy as it sounds, so we’ve put together a selection of winter-appropriate clothes and accessories to help you maintain your sartorial sangfroid on the way to work.

First thing’s first when stepping out into the winter weather: you’ll need a good coat. Steer clear of something too bulky – your fellow commuters won’t thank you for a fluffy mouthful of parka hood trim for breakfast while you’re crammed together on the tube or subway, for instance. A failsafe option is this double-breasted herringbone coat from Mr P., MR PORTER’s private label, which is smart, polished, and, of course, warm – you’ll find no compromises here. Pair it with this cashmere sweater, also from Mr P., to keep you nice and cosy.

While backpacks are generally vaunted as the commuting bag of choice, they don’t always fit well over a bulky winter coat, and can be cumbersome when hopping on and off a busy train. Consider instead a pragmatic shopping tote – this full-grain leather number from Saint Laurent is clean and simple, and comes with a detachable pouch inside for ultimate accessibility. Keep a pair of gloves in there for when it gets really chilly – this cashmere-lined pair from Tom Ford are also made from full-grain leather, meaning they’ll match the bag perfectly.

hat and a scarf, far from being useful only for keeping their wearer warm, are, if you play it right, the details of your winter outfit that can elevate your cold-weather clobber into something a little more urbane. As such, this is no place to scrimp. This ribbed cashmere beanie from Theory is naturally breathable and insulating, which means it’ll keep your bonnet protected from the elements without making you overheat indoors. The scarf, from Italian luxury brand Loro Piana, is made from virgin wool and comes in a classic windowpane check – it’s soft, warm, and timeless.

We’ve been eulogising them on site for a while now, but a good, solid pair of boots in the winter are non-negotiable. These leather Chelsea boots from Prada are sleek, versatile, and durable, and while they’ll look right at home with casual wear, they’ll also add a bit of polish to a smarter outfit. Team them with some tailored trousers such as these pinstriped ones from Officine Generale, which are crafted in soft brushed wool and will add a bit of polish to your office garb.