What To Wear The Morning After

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What To Wear The Morning After

Words by Mr Tom M Ford

10 August 2016

Warm, soft, easy pieces for hungover days when you’re feeling rather delicate .

If you’re anything like the team here at MR PORTER, then obviously you never misbehave. No, you always go home on time, have excellent judgement on all things cocktail-related and never, ever wake up on a Sunday (or even Monday) morning with breath that could polish silver and skin that crumbles to dust in the sun. In fact, you probably don’t need the following guide, intended for other people with less willpower and moral fibre who, to put it bluntly, have overdone it over the weekend and need some comfort in the form of clothing. So no need to read it. Unless of course, you’re tired of telling yourself such lies, in which case, take a look, and feel better, for goodness sake.

Being kind to a poor beleaguered body starts with the things that are next to your skin. So, rather than lying motionless in whatever it is you were wearing when you sank into bed two or three hours ago, have a shower and change into your very nicest underwear, and you’ll instantly feel fresher. In this department we recommend opting for premium jerseys with a bit of stretch to them and a soft hand-feel ­– these boxers from Derek Rose and a white T-shirt from deconstructionist brand Maison Margiela are things that belong in your wardrobe in any case, sizzled or not.

Normally we wouldn't recommend going the whole hog and wearing a full tracksuit. But this is not a normal situation, though – sometimes it just helps to know that two (warm and comfortable) things will go together, and you can just sling them on without thinking about it. (We’re assuming at this juncture that you feel too dreadful to put much thought into anything, really.) What will save you from your friends’ disdain when espousing such a look is the fact that in the above, you can turn around and say, “Oh, this old thing? It’s Thom Browne actually…”

The advice dished out in point one also applies below the belt – choose a pair of thick knitted socks, like this merino-wool pair from The Workers Club, and bask in the fact that all of your extremities are protected from the cruel, harshly lit world into which you have just emerged. Realistically you’re unlikely to make it outside – if you’re lucky that is, and don’t have actual responsibilities to attend to. But if you really have to venture out of doors, then put a bit of a spring in your step with a fresh white pair of sneakers from Common Projects (these basketball styled ones are that little bit more low-key than the ever popular Achilles model, we think).