Africa On Screen

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Africa On Screen

Words by Mr David Sexton

9 March 2017

Mr Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient. Photograph by Tiger Moth Productions/Photo12

Out Of Africa (1985)

Mr Robert Redford and Ms Meryl Streep in Out Of Africa. Photograph by Universal Pictures/Photo12

White Mischief (1987)

Ms Greta Scacchi and Mr Charles Dance in White Mischief. Photograph by Photo12

Timbuktu (2014)

Messrs Ibrahim Ahmed and Omar Haidara in Timbuktu. Photograph by Les Films du Worso/Photo12

The Sheltering Sky (1990)

A scene from The Sheltering Sky. Photograph by Mondadori Portfolio

The English Patient (1996)

Mr Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient. Photograph by Miramax/REX Shutterstock

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

Mr James Stewart and Ms Doris Day in The Man Who Knew Too Much. Photograph by REX Shutterstock

Death On The Nile (1978)

Mr David Niven and Sir Peter Ustinov in Death On The Nile. Photograph by EMI Films/Getty Images

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Sir Roger Moore and Ms Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me. Photograph by REX Shutterstock

Blood Diamond (2006)

Mr Djimon Hounsou, Ms Jennifer Connelly and Mr Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. Photograph by Warner/Photoshot

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