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The Best-Dressed Men At Wimbledon 2019

The gents who wore it well at the tennis tournament, including Messrs Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson

How is everyone feeling? A bit Wimble-done? Yes, we thought so. The 2019 edition of the world’s finest tennis tournament is over. Do forgive us, though, if we linger on this particular period in the sports-slash-public-appearance opportunity calendar. Traditionalists as we are at MR PORTER, we’re still fondly publishing on a weekly schedule, which means now is the first time we’re able to offer a considered, in-depth and entirely unsuperficial opinion on the competition behind the competition. That is, the outfits worn by the spectators. Mr Novak Djokovic may have scooped the tournament’s pineapple-topped trophy, but who will dance away into the clouds with the pink ribbon for Best Shoes? Who might we present with a summer hamper for Clever Use Of A Hat? And who is receiving the lifetime achievement award for services to suits in various pastel colours? None of these really exists, but were they to materialise from the places that such honours come from, they’d likely be awarded to one of the following gentlemen.

Mr Stanley Tucci

  • Mr Stanley Tucci, 14 July. Photograph by Backgrid

A white blazer is not an easy garment to carry off. It always runs the risk of feeling a little too dressy. But Mr Stanley Tucci here, with his striped polo shirt and navy chinos, has taken it in a more nautical direction that feels perfectly suited to the club house, rather than the ballroom.

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Mr Aidan Turner

  • Mr Aidan Turner, 13 July. Photograph by Mr Mark Milan/Splash News

Thanks to the beard, the short hair and the sunglasses, we barely recognised the Irish actor at first glance, but we can assure you he is there underneath it all. What’s more, he’s making the most of his 6ft, swashbuckling physique by opting for a double-breasted suit with a nipped-in waist. Keen mixers of spots and stripes should take note. This, up here, with the tie and the shirt, is how you do it. Keen watchers of Poldark, be calm. He’s probably going to rip it all off again at some point.

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Mr James Norton

  • Mr James Norton, 10 July. Photograph by Mr Chris Allerton/Shutterstock

A light midsummer tan and a peach-coloured suit are the sartorial equivalent of strawberries and cream. The brown shoes here stop the whole thing looking like an ice-cream stand, while the relaxed, unfussy cut of the jacket and trousers (not too tight or wasp-waisted) allow the statement colour to speak for itself.

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Mr Alasdhair Willis

  • Mr Alasdhair Willis, 12 July. Photograph by Mr Mark R Milan/Shutterstock

Yes, blue and green should never be seen, but blue and white are, well, usually all right. Mr Alasdhair Willis knows it, and now, thanks to this photographer, the entire world knows it. Or at least, the sub-section of the population that enjoys reading incisive style commentary on MR PORTER.

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Mr Trent Alexander-Arnold

  • Mr Trent Alexander-Arnold, 12 July. Photograph by Mr Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Often, at occasions where the great and good of the world are parading round a small enclosure, energetically peacocking themselves, the eye is drawn towards patches of relative simplicity in the bustling crowd. And here we have one: fresh-faced footballer Mr Trent Alexander-Arnold showing what can be done with a perfectly tapered pair of ankle-length trousers, a pink polo shirt and a navy sweater. Just so long as said sweater is worn in the summer-sports-approved fashion of being slung raffishly around the shoulders and tied with a single knot.

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Mr Bai Jingting

  • Mr Bai Jingting, 14 July. Photograph by Mr Darren Gerrish/Getty Images

A perk of being in the VIP area at Wimbledon is that you’re plied all day with Pimm’s and poached salmon and lots of other tennis-related things. The downside is that you are likely to be pounced on by a photographer at any moment. Some people are now used to this, which is why the Chinese actor Mr Bai Jingting looks so calm and relaxed as he displays the charming tan expanse of his Polo Ralph Lauren three-piece suit, a nostalgic, almost early 20th-century look that feels particularly classy in front of this primly striped curtain and what appears to be an installation of old wooden racquets.

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Mr Woody Harrelson

  • Mr Woody Harrelson, 14 July. Photograph by Backgrid

There aren’t many Wimbledon outfits that you would happily wear to the pub, or on holiday, or anywhere where you don’t have the added pressure of Ms Anna Wintour wafting around somewhere in the vicinity of the royal box. But here is one, thrown together with characteristic charm and ease by the actor Mr Woody Harrelson. Take off the hat and it’s perfect for a stroll by the sea. Put it back on and we’re back in Tennis Land. Like magic.

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Mr Jonah Hauer-King

  • Mr Jonah Hauer-King, 10 July. Photograph by Mr Chris Allerton/Shutterstock

There’s something pleasingly schoolboyish about this ensemble from Mr Jonah Hauer-King, the British actor and son of restaurant impresario Mr Jeremy King of The Wolseley fame. We say schoolboyish, but in real life schoolboys never tuck their shirts in, never iron their trousers and tie their ties as short as possible in a rather limp attempt at rebellion (believe me, I was one). Nevertheless, the eye sees what it sees and this is simply a nice outfit, a crisp navy suit with a youthful striped knitted tie that proves you can wear sneakers with anything, as long as they are shiny white and box-fresh.

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