This Week I’m Wearing

Mr Lalle Johnson

The Stockholm-based stylist shares his weekday wardrobe

Mr Lalle Johnson, a Stockholm-based stylist, stopped talking about trends a long time ago. “I’ve been involved with menswear since… wow,” he says, pausing to take a moment to look back over his long career. “The mid-1980s? My entire professional life, basically.” And if the past three decades have taught him anything, it’s to ignore the fashion industry’s relentlessly transient nature.

“After all this time,” he says, “I no longer see it as a case of ‘this jacket, these shoes, that designer, that brand’. Instead, it’s about shapes and materials. Colours and textures. And it’s about how you combine these things to express your own personality. It’s about style, in other words. That’s how I see it. Style over fashion.”

We followed Mr Johnson through a work week in Stockholm, where the fast-falling temperatures are calling for a new, pragmatic approach to dressing. Read on for his five-day style diary.

“The seasons shift dramatically in Stockholm. Between midsummer and midwinter we lose 12 hours of daylight, and the temperatures plummet. It’s a great city for getting around on foot, but at this time of year you really need to be ready to adapt to the weather. For me, a single layer of knitwear, a scarf and a big, unstructured coat give me all the flexibility I need to move from outdoors to indoors.”

“This is just a really easy outfit, and I love the combination of colours: the vibrant green-blue of the sweater against the deep burgundy of the knitted blazer. I’m visiting the Moderna Museet on Skeppsholmen, which is currently hosting an exhibition on the work of Nils Dardel, a Swedish artist from the 1920s. I love museums; I could walk around them all day. And in Stockholm we’re spoilt for choice.”

“This is at the beautiful Stockholm offices of Hall & Lundgren, the agency who represent me as a stylist. I’ll drop by midweek for a meeting and to hang out with Eddie, the office’s dog. If I’m dressed casually, like I am here, I’ll always pay special attention to the colours and the details of an outfit. I feel naked without a pocket square. That’s what the breast pocket on a jacket is there for – it’s not made to be left empty!"

“This is Riche, one of my favourite dining spots. I’ve been going here for years – I’ll always bump into people I know. It’s a great place to catch up with old friends over brunch. I take a lot of inspiration from British style and it really shows in my love of grey. I live in it from October to March. It’s the perfect neutral backdrop for other colours: you can easily add a little colour, as I’ve done with the scarf and pocket square, depending on your mood.”

“I call this the ‘Milanese break-up’: matching up a formal top half and an informal bottom half. In this case, it’s two thirds of a three-piece pinstripe suit from Boglioli paired with pale green cargo trousers, although it’s the kind of thing that would work with faded denim, too. It’s perfect for a trip to Fotografiska, a photography museum in Stockholm. It has a great bookstore.”