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The aforementioned Excalibur Aventador S’ Duotor features half of the Quatuor’s four differential-linked tilted balance wheels – an audacious launch even for Roger Dubuis back in 2003. What the tourbillon compensates for over 60 seconds, Quatuor achieves instantly.

Knights At The Round Table

Twelve individually hand-sculpted, rose-gold knights sit around King Arthur’s legendary Round Table in one of Roger Dubuis’ most spectacular creations. In between them, a mesmerising mosaic of 3D enamel baguettes – all adding up to 45 hours’ work.

Double Tourbillon

Amazingly, the bestselling Roger Dubuis is the six-figure Double Tourbillon, an extraordinary technical achievement that’s not only skeletonised for maximum mechanical impact, but mounted on a single underlying bridge to give the impression its tourbillon carriages “fly”.

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