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The exit of chef Mr Giovanni Passerini and the subsequent closure of his restaurant Rino in 2014 was a dark period for Paris’ 12th arrondissement. The mood was lightened considerably by the arrival of his pasta shop, Pastificio Passerini, on Rue Traversière, for which we advise calling ahead to avoid the snaking queues. For those who still want their dishes cooked and served by someone else, the chicly stark restaurant that now shares the space is the perfect spot for an indulgent lunch. Plates of duck and pigeon, veal tongue and fish, along with an impressively stocked wine list give the pasta a run for its money. Something to mull over: after you chomp through all that, you could always grab some ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, butter, pistachios and ricotta for dinner at yours on the way out.

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